Survivors Garden: Chufah Nuts – Earthen Almonds

For a long time the concept of “life” and “survival” were synonymous. But homo sapiens had a huge advantage over other creatures – brains. It is clear that people will be able to figure out how to put them together. But I had to start small.

It is the agglomeration of the highest use. It would be possible to find and adapt. And one of the first plants chufa.

general information

In short, it is something like a sedge that is formed at the roots. Tasty, satisfying, just in cultivation. Even very fertile soil is not needed – chufa grows well. Namely, such soils were in the area of ​​ancient Egypt, where this plant was first cultivated for the first time. Actually, yes – that is what he tried to grow. And it turned out the same.

From Egypt chufa hitting even the ancient Slavs. There she was called “to feed“Actually, the name speaks for itself” – “feed” from the word “satisfying,” that is, nourishing. tasty on fertile soils.

California, Nigeria, northern Spain. That is, everywhere, where fermented soils are strained, but I want to eat.

As for nutritional value, then in tubers chufy contains a lot of starch (up to 35 percent), protein (7 percent), various oils (up to 25 percent) and sugars. And also calcium, nitrogen, iron, vitamins of group B.


As already said chufa practically not demanding on the quality of the soil. It grows superbly on light, loose soils, such as sandy loam. Perfectly tolerates pH from 6 to 6.5. Growing up chufy. Fertilizer is often not necessary, it is often compared to peanuts or other legumes. Although a little organic fertilizer (4-6 kg per square meter) still does not hurt.

The plant is quite thermophilic, so it is up to 15 degrees. Until this time, it is better to grow it indoors, like ordinary seedlings of the same cabbage. In the early stages, there will be no problems with further transplantation. It is a chufu in our territory.

But you can begin to germinate in early April. There are 7 centimeters.

If you’re in the ground, you’ll have a depth of 7 cm, 4–5 cm, 30 cm. it will be perfectly thrives and gives a large number of shoots. After planting, the soil should be poured abundantly and loosened.

Care and cleaning

The water after that. This should be done 2-3 times a week, because the plant is quite sensitive to the lack of water. It is in no danger. Well, except for what you eat. But they are typical.

If it’s going to be right, the chufa begins to grow. Shot of a couple of plants. It’s still not always possible.

Collect chufu since the first frost, pre-mowing the yellowed leaves. Dig as usual potatoes – a shovel or a pitchfork. But it can be a bit different. After digging, the nodules of chufy should dry out for some time. In short, just like potatoes. And further storage is exactly the same. Since they are small.

This ancient agricultural plant still has not lost its relevance. And from the point of view of the survivors, too. After that, he will need to grow something simple, nutritious and extremely hardy. But if there is a problem, it will be impossible. BUT chufe you don’t have any nutritious (and even tasty) food.

Survivors Garden: Chufah Nuts &# 8212; ground almonds

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