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What is the most important food in the world? Food should be nutritious enough to provide all necessary needs. Well, except that you can add vitamins. The food must be extremely long. shelf life, it is not healthy. Food should be able to stored in almost any conditions, since it is not always possible to properly equip the caches. All these parameters are satisfied sublimates.

Sublimates. Pros, Cons and Basic Principles

Sublimation is a process of aggregation of liquid. That is, the product is freezing to -45 degrees, after that. It can be removed in much simpler ways?

  • sublimation is much faster
  • the sublimation of the product. It is due to the fact that freezing occurs. Due to this, the taste is preserved
  • sublimated product Filling water with water
  • sublimated product life can reach 25 years
  • sublimated product doesn’t need to be cleaned up
  • sublimate returns to its original state after adding water to it. If you pour water sublimate boiled meat, it can be eaten immediately without additional processing

And now it’s completely one-sided.

  • The complexity of the process. At home make sublimate It is impossible to use a vacuum or ultra-low pressure.
  • High cost. The price of natural product.
  • Unavailability. In Russia, only a couple of companies are engaged in the production of this sublimate, for a product of domestic production.

But there is sublimated products that completely levels all possible shortcomings. The fact is that in sublimate you can turn anything. Berries, fruits, vegetables, first and second courses, milk, butter, etc. That is, for a few months, it will be usable for several years. It remains before processing.

Diversity is what it does sublimated productYou are the perfect choice for survival. It is a woman who is not ready to eat. And there are many options. Dishes with chicken, fish, beef, pork, lasagna, ready-made soups and porridge, ice cream, vegetarian dishes, salads and much more. Some companies even accept individual orders.

Another beautiful property sublimate – easy storage. It is enough to get it for at least 10 years. Therefore, sublimates occur in vacuum packs, cans and even sealed buckets. It may be necessary to determine the product. For example, a large volume, for example, a large volume, This is the most important thing to do.

Sublimates. Application specifics

There are two factors – sublimation and recovery. There is no change in the amount of recovered to sublimated. In most cases, these figures are the same as those before the treatment. However, in some cases, the final product will be less. This is because, for example, it is from the initial raw material.

Sublimates usually made in small form. For the multi-component dishes. For example, it can be obtained.

Before diluting with water, sublimated products can be mixed. For meals, for example,. However, many products are available in ready-made portioned form, which is undesirable to mix. Water can be used. On average – from two to five minutes. It is not always necessary to indicate the package.

Summarizing. Sublimated Products – With every survivalist. Yes, more expensive stews, cereals and all kinds of “doshirakov.” But healthier, tastier and much more durable. Well, no one said that caches should be filled with sublimates. Diversity is an important factor in successful survival, no matter how cool.

The words of our Glavred.

I’ll tell you a short story …
We once went camping. We walked about 20km through the snow, walked to darkness, without stopping.
Cuddled in the woods, set up camp, somehow built a hut. The temperature was -25 ° C, it was dropped to -31 ° C at night,
Well, they “now let’s go devour!” Pasha gets sublimates, they say “… I ordered from America, let’s try …”
And, in short, imagine – ebenya, forest, darkness, -30 frost, all okhuyevshie … .
In general, it was … I like how it canned meat, pasta, etc. =)

The Survival Menu: Sublimates &# 8212; freeze-dried food and products

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