SVU-A sniper rifle

SVU (OTs-03) – self-loading sniper rifle layout bull dad, developed by TsKIB SOO based Svd. Development of a shortened sniper rifle based on Svd, intended for Airborne, started in TsKIB SOO in the 1970s, however, it did not come to industrial production at that time. In the early 1990s, the rifle was offered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia as a sniper weapon for urban conditions. MIA accepted IED on arms, and also demanded to develop a version with the possibility of firing bursts.

Accuracy of shooting at small and medium range IED about the same Svd. The possibility of shooting bursts in SVU-A and IED-AS it is provided only for emergency cases (for example, in close combat, which creates a real threat to the sniper’s life), since the use of a powerful cartridge and a small mass of a rifle result in significant recoil when firing bursts, and a small magazine does not allow long-term shooting.

The internal structure of the rifle is generally similar. Svd, with the exception of decisions arising from the layout used, for example, a long thrust connecting the trigger mechanism and the trigger. AT SVU-A and IED-AS is used modified trigger, allowing to fire as solitary (with a short pull on the trigger) and in bursts (when pressed all the way or with the inclusion of a special translator).

The barrel is equipped with a massive masking muzzle device developed by the designer L.V. Bondaryov. The silencer provides a reduction in the sound level of the shot by 10-12% compared to Svd, almost completely eliminates the muzzle flame and disperses the sound of a shot in such a way that it becomes impossible to determine the exact position of the shooter. Accessories are made of polyamide.


  • SVU (OTs-03) – the basic version.
  • SVU-A (OTs-03A) – option with the possibility of shooting bursts.
  • SVU-AS (OTs-03AS) – option SVU-A, characterized by the presence of a folding bipod, attached to the receiver with a special bracket. Thanks to the hinge, they can be rotated sideways by 90 degrees to rest against a wall or tree. Telescopic bipod have 4 height adjustments (maximum – 320 mm).

Dimensions and accuracy better than that Svd. At my IED-AS factory shooting – 2.5 cm per 100 m, LPS, 4 shots. When shooting, you can stand next to and the return is not strong, unlike Svd. Weight 5.5 kg, but not heavy. Due to the fact that the trigger pull a long thin plate and hidden under a high, poorly fixed lid, when you press the trigger, it bends, rests against the lid. And then passes the effort to the USM.

Therefore, the descent is long and unpredictable. When firing, especially from bipods, the power of the compensator is such that it takes the rifle a few centimeters to the side, the target is lost in sight. Without optics, with a mechanical sight very accurate, convenient, type FG42, the more so that the sight and front sight are copied from it and the front cover is added to protect it from impacts. It is strange that nowhere and no one mentions this.

Main characteristics

Caliber: 7.62? 54R
Weapon Length: 900 mm
Barrel length: 520 mm
Weapon height: 229 mm
Mass without cartridges: 4.4 kg
Shooting rate: 650 rds / min (for SVU-AS)
Store capacity: 10 rounds


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