Sweetening dessert and liquor wines, ripening and aging table and strong wine.

If something is prepared from dessert or liquor types of wines, then at the end of quiet fermentation they are sweetened. You can start sweetening dessert and liquor wines when the wine is completely benevolent and completely transparent.. 

Sweetening dessert and liquor wines, ripening and aging table and strong wine.

This is done as follows: weigh the necessary amount of sugar, put it in a canvas bag, which is suspended in the upper part of the wine poured into a tub, a large pot or in another vessel, and hold until the sugar has dissolved. After such a sweetening, the young wine becomes already so strong that it is not afraid of any pests and cannot get sick from them.

and strong are considered quite ripe, when quiet fermentation completely ended in them, the loss of protein substances and sediment ceased, and the drink itself became completely transparent. Such a wine has already completely fermented and is suitable, if transparent, for bottling. The wine may be completely transparent to the eye, but this does not mean that it is fully ripe.

To find out if the wine has matured completely and whether fermentation has ended in it, a simple method is used in home winemaking: they fill 1-2 bottles of white glass with wine, cork them with cotton plugs and leave them in a warm room for 10 days. If after this time the wine remains the same as it was when bottling, that is, transparent, without turbidity or unclear, but without increased turbidity, this means that the fermentation is completely over and the wine is completely ripe. Otherwise, it must still ferment.

In order to improve the wine, make the taste thinner, more delicate, and turn the smell of fruit into a bouquet, it is aged. Extract is made in the same bowl in which the wine was fermented. But it should be poured to the very cork and tightly corked with wooden or cork corks. A dish with wine should be kept at a temperature of 10-12 degrees and make sure that there are no sharp fluctuations.

Excerpt wine lasts 2-3 years or more. Gradually, aromatic substances change greatly and turn into various esters and other substances that make up what is called a bouquet of wine. The longer the wine is aged, the finer and better its bouquet is obtained, the wine becomes more expensive.

Wine storage during aging.

During aging, the wine gradually dries out if stored in a wooden bowl. From 2 to 4.5% of wine is lost each year for shrinkage, depending on the size of the dishes. And since it is important that the wine does not come in contact with the air, in return for the drying one, you always have to pour another one – of the same quality or even better, but not younger. This is the inconvenience of aging wine in barrels.

At home, wine is usually bottled, and they already withstand the desired time. To do this, it is very good to bury wine bottles in dry sandy soil. During such exposure in the earth remains the same temperature of the wine. It turns out surprisingly high quality. Berry wines stored in the land for 20-25 years are not inferior in quality to the most expensive old grape wines..

Extract of dessert and liquor wines.

Of course, it is desirable to produce wine aging, but not at all necessary. However, dessert and liquor wines after their sweetening is still better to always withstand at least 6 months. Extract of sweetened dessert and liquor wines is best done in a room with a higher temperature. When such wines are kept warm (20 degrees or more), the conversion of sugar and the formation of a bouquet are significantly accelerated.

Thus, the wine sweetened in spring is kept in the room all summer, and by autumn it already has a rather delicate taste and is quite ready for bottling. If then it is bottled and aged, then the quality of this wine will improve every year..

Based on materials from the book Making wine, moonshine, liquors and tinctures. Preparation technology, equipment, formulation, storage and use.
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