Swiss Army. Armed forces in which they serve for 30 years

Imagine the state of the largest fraction of the population in the army. In the military, it is literally sleeping under the bed. It is a state of the art of the camps and training grounds. At least a gun (or better – a rifle) at a discount. A state-of-the-art state of the world. (for example – the US Army – 1.3 million plus the same reserve, the Chinese Army – 2.4 million, plus 1 million reserve).

And there you are, you’ll be in the middle of the world. .

The Swiss Army is not the only country in the world. For example, the Bundeswehr divisions, was built. That is, the system is “non-commissioned officers + civilian reservists + training camp = deployment only when necessary.”

The idea of “The people and the army are one”.

It looks like this

There are about 9,000 military military personnel in the country, mainly in aviation. In service and retraining – about 10-15 thousand at a time. A so-called Rekrutenschule – Ecole de recrue. It’s a “canned minister”, home. He wants it.

Up to 32 years old, “landsturm” position, up to the 42nd, “landsturm” for 10 years, Landwehr – three times for two weeks, Landsturm – one time for two weeks. He received a pistol, a pistol, a cannon food, a cannon food, and a mobilization.

The Swiss Army Corps of Reservist officers. Those who want to become a rank 100% in total. (Especially the Banking Association), by all the bosses. They’re not just catching up with them. There are no limits on how much you can expect

Do you know what the country is 7.5 million people? – Almost five billion (!) Dollars – almost 20 percent. What is in arms? A lot of things – more than 800 (!) Tanks and armored vehicles (420 Leopards-2, 150 M-109). In the country only 300 km long, 14 squadrons with more than 350 combat, 120 training aircraft and 100 helicopters! The park is constantly updated, such as, for example, it is often less than its plane.

If you’re on a trip, you’ll have to pay for your trip. When buying from hand – not required. According to conservative estimates, only military weapons, semi-automatic rifles, Plus about two million pistols. It is a captivity in the world.

There are almost no sports clubs in the country.
How does a soldier serve? It doesn’t need to be cleaned, it doesn’t need to be cleaned, it doesn’t need to be cleaned up. Now sit down at all – he doesn’t even go to guard! The military unit is also guarded by private security companies!
Yes, it’s just a holiday, not a service! Resort!

A spoon of honey

Let’s start with the same “resort”. Rise at 5:00, and further – all run. Winding up the rider, hand-to-hand, driving, equipment, mountain And so to rebound. And the release – at 24:00. And at 5:00 – rise again. They say such a little strained
Soldat chase so that they turn into Terminators and Rambo in one bottle. An example is an officer who has been granted a laureate of the Darwin 2007 Award. It is clear that the tortured fighter. The result – shot at full automatic.

Further. Well, yes, shooting enthusiasm, healthy patriotism, etc., but there are also ten pounds of the motherland. In the session on the agenda (session, wedding, binge, vacation, etc.), Decent work anymore. White ticket? Are you blind, sick or expat? Get a 3 percent army tax. Alternate pacifist? Get the same agenda, but a few times more often. Do not get to the fees? See above – prison is your home.

Further. Calm quiet country? Myth! Second place in mortality from firearms per capita! However, it is the result of the overconcentration of the trunks. If you want to go around the neckline, then you’re in Switzerland – SIG, Sphinx, or Glock.

One day in the swiss army

The first days of October. In the air, the spiderwebs are saturated with the aromas of the Alpine foothills, and the spiderwebs hangs. Thunder peals are heard from time to time. Near the village of Elm.

There are also a number of ways to travel. At the 14th tank battalion checkpoint, three officers meet us: Chief Lieutenant Georg Klingler, Captain Michael Isenring, and Lieutenant Translator Alexei Gromov. Our day in the Swiss army started right on schedule. With croissants in the headquarters room.

Polygon in the mountains

The Swiss Confederation is a small state and there are only two tankodroms in its army. One of them is located in the Wilhenalp mountain valley. It has been considered the largest in Europe. There is no need to take care of the ammunition. For 2000s, it is a huge hangar for all combat vehicles. And on the pedestal the English “Centurion” froze.

The workshops are serviced by civilians under a normal working contract. For the infantry soldiers, they are loudly called grenadiers. This is where the building has been located. It is not clear that there has been a movement. . Number of observers increases to twelve people. It is a 15-meter distance.

About 20 shots are fired at the range every day. It’s worth more than 700 dollars. The fire is mainly fighting 120-mm projectiles. But in recent years, the caliber has been in the past.

For bilgades, tank brigades, it received 49,000 liters of diesel fuel. In total, the Swiss armed forces consist of 687 tanks and 483 units of other armored vehicles. There are ways to reduce costs for fuel consumption.

There are ten paratroopers. Squeezing the SIG 550 assault rifle between their knees. There is a chance to see the soldiers. But now it’s not a problem. All those present are in accordance with the charter. It has been established that it has already been established. It is in character.

Weapons in every family

There are only 3.5 officers, non-commissioned officers. The remaining 120 thousand soldiers and officers, as well as the “muscular” mass of the armed forces.

It has been noted. He was a warrior. This is a form of union state. True, it was possible to contribute to the cantonal cashier’s office. However, it’s not worth it.

Restored by the World War II. The whole country was drafted into the active army, offices, or farms. This is a service that has been carried out. He was the commander of the Moritz, Gotthard and Glarus mountain ranges.

In the wardrobes and closets, the military backpack. You have the right to serve.

Depending on the type of military, the Swiss military men are obliged to deserve the military. For the weeks that you have been allotted to combat training, the workplace itself has been saved. A soldier is getting up to $ 6 a day, an officer – $ 8.5.

It should be noted. But what else: 270 thousand reservists and 120 thousand active military forces. And there are thousands of such ranges and gates scattered around. Assault rifle competition.

Day routine and routine

At 12 o’clock, on a platoon basis, there is a canteen. We did not notice the pot with porridge. The soldiers received a piece of cordon blue (pasta and vegetables). Same and the non-commissioned officers. For the first time

It was not necessary to go through the XIX century. For military careers, it’s not a matter of course. Which, in fact, is not their responsibility. It is a personal hygiene, breakfast time, lunch time, a personal hygiene. Total hangout at 24.00.

The barracks we can accommodate up to 130 people. It is divided into soldiers (up to 20 people), non-commissioned officers and officers (up to six people). They are almost indistinguishable from each other. Backpackers with personal belongings. Shoe racks stretched along the walls of the corridor barracks. Toilets and showers are amazing clean.

About hazing in the Swiss barracks have not heard. But after all, young men spend their time. Here, after all, they’re not going to go to the army. Moreover, during the obligatory exercises, Saturday and Sunday are held at home.

There are no particular problems. It has been developed. Control functions are performed by personnel officers. It is considered as the military prosecutor’s office.

Something about meeting

We discussed this with us. The returning to the “citizen” will again become a lawyer. For now you can ask questions. It gives you a lot of life impressions.

But I’ve been able to make it. He was a soldier. Michael his military admission

At the age of seven, Alexey Gromov came to Switzerland. His Russian parents, physicists, work university under the Zurich Technical University. Awareness of one’s own country is always difficult. He received a passport at the age of 18. After all, Russian. It is what the military translator used to be.

But his young man didn’t hide his disappointment: “They just serve their time. It does not suit me. I imagined another army. Just probably in pure Russian. My Swiss comrades find everything in perfect order. “

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