Swiss Army Machete. Multitul for survival in a zombie apocalypse

The rises dramatically. In addition, there are various jobs with you, the better. Here, imagine the most elementary multitool Swiss army knife. Penknife. In addition, in fact, a knife is capable of carrying out small “cutting” work, it also includes other tools.

Swiss army knife

  • , which can be used as a stroporez;
  • Scissors, suitable for cutting threads or nails;
  • Screwdriver +, “Where to beat the zombies?”;
  • Screwdriver –, in zombies;
  • Some bottle openers the case of pickled products;
  • Corkscrew, It is not so bad at all.

But very difficult times may come when even such items are not enough. And you have to dodge, creating the most equipment. For example, Swiss army machete.

Size of the tool.

Swiss army machete

  • Machete it is not difficult to understand by name. Good all-purpose weapon. They are fighting against the warriors to chop.
  • Plumbing key. Just in the shelter, everything should be in order, especially plumbing. Will start to leak, if not corrected in time. It is a good idea to make your way through the building. And there, too, will not be left without attention …
  • Adjustable wrench. This tool is also for repair work. Here is a leak on the door of your bunker. Need to update. And the tool is at hand. Or vice versa, if you know it is necessary to screw.
  • Ax. As you know, to get rid of the zombie, Better, of course, to shoot from afar. But if the cartridges are running out, then the ax will do the trick. You can break the door away from you …
  • Boer. It’s hard to imagine where you can’t find a bottle. But the post-apocalyptic winter fishing, why not!

The body of a powerful multitool consists of wood. It is probably not necessary to increase durability and reliability. Of course, you can add other tools to the package, such as a handsaw, construction nippers, autogen and mortar. Were you holding your hands on it.


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