T’Spin – titanium multitool for travel

Or get a little bit of problem tools. It can often not be carried through. Alas, customs clearance, and most importantly, our customsman, customs inspection will not pass. BUT T’spin – will easily pass, since this titanic multitool it was specifically developed for traveling. It can be used as a foreign land. Everything is packaged in premium materials.

Tool kit in T’spin somewhat atypical for classic multitools. Two spare sim cards. And it’s a special key to help you out. It’s not a problem.

You can get a titanium multitool T’spin just 28 bucks. Not so much for a pretty useful thing.

Technical characteristics of the T’Spin titanium multitool

  • Length-width-thickness: 75-50-3 mm
  • Weight: 35 grams
  • Material: titanium, stainless steel and silicone inserts

What can I add? It was a crowned with partial success. It turned out that it was a lot of time.

In short, the hipster. You need it – another question.

P.S. If anything, we do not blame the hipsters. Just look askance, but do not blame.


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