Tactical bag with do-it-yourself mall discharge system

The literal translation of the abbreviation MOLLE from English means “Modular Lightweight Unloading Equipment.” This system is a base with sewn in a certain way, slings for fastening pouches, scabbards, flashlights, even first-aid kits for equipment. It was created in order for the soldier to comfortably carry all the necessary equipment during combat operations or field exercises, having convenient and quick access to it.

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Unloading system mall

Tactical bag with molle systemMolding unloading systems for backpacks are indispensable for making frequent hikes. Changing the route and terrain of travel, it is necessary to pack a backpack in a new way. In order not to create unnecessary difficulties, the backpack is equipped with a versatile set of things needed during any journey, and the necessary and pre-packaged pouches are added to it, which vary depending on the purpose of the trip and the situation. Molly’s unloading system for attachment to a backpack is necessary not only for tourists, but also for rescuers who provide emergency assistance to other people. Mollet helps not only to attach the necessary things to the bag, but also to organize the inner space of the backpack.

The advantages that this discharge system has:

  • Organizes a storage system for things, simplifies their distribution.
  • To reduce the weight of equipment, it is enough to detach unnecessary modules.
  • Compatible with other molly mounts.
  • Durable mounting system that allows you to be sure that the bag with important things will not detach from the backpack and will not be lost anywhere in the forest.
  • Lanyards, sewn to the backpack, do not add extra volume to it when no additional modules are attached to them, since they are laid flat.

The disadvantages include the following points:

  • Reliability of fasteners can be of unkind service if you need to quickly detach and attach one of the pouches.
  • The peculiar design of the bag with sewn lines may not be to everyone’s taste.

Additional pouches can have a greater load on the body than was calculated in advance, because it increases the weight of the bag.

System molle do it yourself

Making a mall system with your own handsThe unloading system is simply made by hand. This will require a minimum sewing skill and the necessary material. There are two options for how the fastening system can be made: the classic option is to sew even rows of cells, and the second option is to make the cells at a 45-degree angle. On the one hand, the second option is convenient for attaching pouches at an angle, and on the other hand, it is much more difficult to sew such cells. The best option would be to manufacture a classic unloading, to which you can sew one lane of a sling at an angle.

The fastening system is manufactured as follows:

  1. The necessary material is prepared for sewing the vest, its lining part, the sling, accessories, and the substrate under the laminate.
  2. Measurements are carried out on which the pattern of the future product is made.
  3. On the paper pattern you need to draw the layout of the lines in rows, something like a grid with the same cells should come out. When the detail of the waistcoat is cut out, a paper pattern is applied to the fabric in order to start sewing the slings in accordance with the drawn rows with hands first, then stitching it with a typewriter. Raslinovka will make the rows even. As each row is sewn, the paper is cut.
  4. There should be three parts: two side parts, and a back. The sides connect together.
  5. On the seamy side of the product is glued to the substrate.
  6. On the top of the substrate, the lining fabric is sewn, and then stitched, then the edging.

All parts are connected to each other, the back part is attached to the sidewalls on the slings using loops or other fasteners. At the end of the work fasteners are fastened, pouches.

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