Tactical beard

Tactical beard is a multifunctional tool. During the campaigns of the United States Army and the United States.

The so-called “tactical” beards were the translators, the translators, the translators and the councilors. , etc.).

It shows that the tactic beard directly affects the effectiveness of the soldier in battle! There is a report about the company “Xegis Solutions”,

“So, 100 people were resolved: 25,” he was specifically for research. All 100 fighters went to Afghanistan, he played in several combat clashes and gained real combat experience. “

There were neither wounded nor killed. The accuracy of shooting soldiers with significantly exceeded those who had no beard. It is also noted. As one of the observers of the experiment reported, “Some shit happened to those guys all the time!”.

CENTCOM (US Central Command) responded immediately to the study, creating new rules for growth among US Army soldiers. General James E. Mattis, made a statement:
“It’s time to accept new shocking facts. the reality is that beards save lives. In this regard, we’ll insist that you wear at least one inch of facial hair. “

In addition, studies have been shown to follow the levels, which stimulates the endocrine system. It is a stressful or time-limited situation.

It is an unequivocally established effect. In particular, he has a chronic effect on the symptoms of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

In addition, it is clear that there is a wind, sand and dust. The beard gives the operator a formidable and stern look, which definitely helps with combat operations.

Tactical beard

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