Tactical first aid kit for minor damage

“Nothing prevents a fighter as sores and scratches!”

From the practical point of view of the small wounds, preventing the infection and dehydration. This kit is completely separate from the first aid kit and dressing kit. It is easy to confuse the API.

Contents of a small tactical first-aid kit:

  • wipes with chlorhexidine (for disinfecting scratches)
  • antibiotic ointment (to prevent the development of microbes in the wound)
  • sticky patches (to protect the wound from dirt)
  • composition for rehydration (resalation)
  • NSAIDs, such as Acetaminophen
  • individually prescribed medications
  • antiallergic drug

For minor damage Then the package can be enclosed in a pouch-small things. Or in any free pocket:

Tactical first aid kit for minor damage

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