Tactical flashlight: lumens decide or not?

The flashlight. It is not hit too far.

Lumens decide, or not?

Before me are two different tactical flashlight. Both have an absolutely identical power source. One of them produces 220 lumens, and the second one for them.

Simple question, right?

The subject of lumens, units of measurement of luminous flux, often causes controversy. Despite the fact that I’m a member of the “Everything for the Lumen” sect, “XXX lumen is too much” or “zzz lumen is a waste.”

When it comes to tactical flashlight, we tend to focus on a net amount of lumen more than anything else. If you buy yourself a brand new flashlight, then you will be asked. Why? Because it is a quantitative measure that has become the standard in the market. If you’re looking for a flashlight, you’ll be there. Just to ugliness.

It should be understood that lumens are measured in ideal conditions. There is no charge for the battery. It is a clear idea. It is measured in Old Navy jeans (There is a number of ways to wear it. Old Navy Jeans, size 36, in fact, are under sizes of 41 sizes – note.).

It is possible that it will be possible to make a difference. If you want to dive a little deeper:

  • The LED Light (ENG)
  • Tiger Hawk (ENG)

The “commentary” is “the shape of the beam” and “the fatal pattern” .

In addition, these parameters must be consistent with your goals.

As I said, it’s more difficult. People usually use comparative expressions like “not bad illumination “or”average hotspot These are all subjective definitions. Despite the fact that they are most likely to be useless.

Here is an example:
Lux 3,5 um 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5
If you dig into the forums, you’ll find out how to carry them.

I used to write a lot .. about “Too many lumens”. He made condescending remarks to people I thought too bright. And he was wrong.
“What are you, deer was going to burn?”
“Is this to compensate for your lack of tactics?”

I am a man of the old school. Or just old. A decade and a half ago, the best tactical lights gave out 120 lumens for an amazing 20 minutes. And we were happy. 10 times the lumen. The office was a big taboo. This is, of course, not the main one.

I’ve seen a lot of lights that wouldn’t go beyond the collimators at the close range. There is no aim. At all. Cook with butter. After the moment, it can be seen. There are several ways to solve this problem. First, you can simply reduce the amount of lumens. Lens = not so bright hotspot. Secondly, you can build it up. If you’re a little bit like a lane, you can’t be Well, or find another reflector and lens.

I’ve waved away with my “too much lumen”. This was easiest and, despite the fact that this approach specific he problem tactical flashlight in other areas and distance of the focus. It was a handicap for me. It took me too long to understand.

Tale of two lanterns

At the beginning. Which can you see? In the case of these particular lanterns – on the same.

It’s a continuous illumination of a 220-lumen lantern. If you use the lighthouse, it will be the collimator and the small spot. A flashlight for 1k +? No flare and lots of light around. Despite the shells, he still punches to the farthest corners, simply due to sheer power.

There can be no need to use them incorrectly.

Do not enter on empty promises. Think about why you are using a flashlight. Go outside and practice well with him. Admit that you are wrong. And try other models.

Posted by: Dave Merrill
Translation – Admiral’s Log

Tactical flashlight: lumens decide or not?

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