Tactical flashlight: When to stay in the dark

It’s a good idea to have a patrolman.

In the past decade, there has been a relatively significant cost for the lanterns. You can read the flashlight as a weapon in our article.


Flashlight – tactics of use. Part 1
Flashlight – tactics of use. Part 2

Put out the light! Techniques for the dark

Where to stay in the dark. Here are some examples where darkness provides an advantage:

  • securing the perimeter
  • intersection of open spaces lacking adequate shelter
  • the intersection of the fatal mouth
  • movement through the “fatal mouth”

It’s definitely a good thing that you’ve been working on. You can always be sure that it is installed. In this case, the light will stop. If there is a rule, it is not necessary to provide a cordon in the dark.

The intersection of space is a particular challenge. Flashlight as much as possible. And here is a great opportunity for mixing techniques. This can be an obstacle to light. And again, noise control is vital.

The intersection of the fatal mouth is a harsh reality. “Fatal estuary” – where are the police officer’s movements are expected by a suspect; doorway, window, corridor, gap between trees, etc. Obviously, the employee’s mouth is attacked at the moment. In the case of police officers, it is possible to do this as much as possible.

It is necessary to control the amount of light in the mouth. After using other techniques like “quick review” or “cutting the corner” (see Part 2), option and briskly jumps through a dangerous place. “Cutting the corner” The final movement of the deep angles has been realized. In this way, it can be explored before stepping over the threshold.

The employee in these moments. He said that he had to “take care of the light.” “Put out the light” means put out the light! In most situations, it can be seen from the covering officers.

Limiting communication between employees is also important; it is not what employees are doing. Loudly proclaiming “the light of the carcass, I enter the door” Employees must be proficient in briefs and briefs.

It is when they are finally ready to enter the room. From the “coloring” and “cutting” employees are able to get the information. Obviously, if there was any room for furniture, there was still room. When they are ready, they give a carcass light signal. It can be used for intermittent lights until it has been stripped, or it can detect a suspect, use continuous lighting.

Movement in the room should be thoughtful and careful. But this is not a slow move. Employees have been able to highlight their figures as quickly as possible since they can. To move away from the doorway, immediately move away from the doorway. It is possible to enter the room without difficulty. Once inside the room, employees can be turned on lights, eliminating the remaining threats (for example, behind furniture).

There are two ways to enter the room. Using cross For example, on the left side of the doorway, you’re already inside. This is the most natural form of entry.

AT hook The door is taken away from the same direction as the door.

2-3 steps inside the room, making room for other employees. For those who are in the event of an immediate threat. In addition, employees must advance, keeping 3-5 feet (90-150 cm) to the walls. This creates a moving target for the suspect, lurking in the corner. When moving along the wall closely, the employee only represents a more convenient target.

This item is considered deep angles, etc. need to be examined first. The deep ones are adjacent to the wall with the entrance door. It is difficult to inspect it even with a “quick view” due to various obstacles such as furniture.

It is a time when the peace of mind is given to the movement of the weapon. It’s a good idea to keep track of the obstacles. After checking the room, a predetermined message follows, as “not detected” or “clean”. It can’t be taken for a permanent group of captures, or even on a part-time basis. This is especially applicable to most rural areas. It must be used in a hostage situation.

It is a very effective tool against criminals who have taken hostages. Obviously, the criminal and the hostage are in a darkened area. If you are going to be able to take a look at it, you can take it.

In the process of freezing, they can use criminal cases. It’s not a problem. For women, there is no chance that there will be a chance to get there.

For example, you can influence the criminal. It is a scam that it can be a scandtered light.

Development of a plan for action. Then pretending to fulfill the requirements of the criminal. It was the time when the maneuver was taken. At the last moment, headshot, avoiding injuring the hostage.

It is a soundtrack that I heard. Yes, first of all, employees are trying to negotiate with the hostage takers. But when the situation was clear, he thought. This is the greatest advantage. This is the essence of the article.

It is clear that in the course of his work, he will be able to find out how to use it. I strongly recommend that you use your computer’s instructions.

Lamp &# 8212; tactics of application. Part 3

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