Tactical knife – 11 defining criteria

What tactical knife? It is a knife. Or is it not?

Ernest Emerson, martial arts instructor and expert in melee weapons.Ernest Emerson, martial arts instructor and expert in melee weapons.

First, let me (the author of the article, Ernest emerson – note ed.) To say the following:the usual“And”tactical»A knife. “fighting“And”the usualIf you’re not a little bit of a dog, you can’t make it a little bit different. It can be a difference between life and death. Let’s get a look.

1. Design

It would be used when it came to the international space station. I designed this knife from scratch to meet these needs. He didn’t need to know how to do this. I designed the knife specifically to solve these problems.

Emerson NASA knifeEmerson NASA knife

For several times after a helicopter crash. They rested. (This incident happened at 1999 year, when helicopter crash, 6 marines and one sailor were killed. It was necessary for the US Army. KA-BAR, time was approx. Ed.).

Emerson SARK knifeEmerson SARK knife

2. Purpose

You will receive. Special Forces need to be a knife. What is a tactical knife? Let’s think about it. Is the knife a weapon? Is the knife a working tool? Is the knife a rescue tool? Is it a device for breaking doors and windows? It can be necessary to solve specific tasks. Make a purchasing decision.

Emerson, sample 1986Emerson, sample 1986

An undercover agent is a SWAT officer. I made a few knives for operatives with turquoise and pastel green handles. In a few cases, the bad guys didn’t pay. Were these “tactical” knives? Ask the agents.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is one of the most important aspects of the design of tactical knives. The knife should rest comfortably in your hand. No, nevertheless I will go deep into the technical moments. It should be taken under stress. There should be no hooks, sharp corners or unnatural forms on the handle. Also, it should be convenient for both direct and reverse grip.

Commander Knife Family - UBR, Super, Commander and MiniCommander Knife Family – UBR, Super, Commander and Mini

Here is the line between the design and the knives. On the handle should not be winding shapes or artistic sculpture. Pay attention to the pronounced subfinger grooves, which put your palm in a pre-fixed position. It is not a problem. In addition, it shouldn’t be too big or small. A good designer can do this. This is a special option. You can’t make up the size of your skin. I’m not one of my knives, I’m not one

size 4

As I said before, any construct must be predetermined by purpose. It is intended to solve. “Too often, I’m seen at the bottom of the Tennessee. It all weighs about a kilogram or even more. “It is a steel nail hammer.” A good knife, but will be in the closet or on the mantelpiece. The size of the knife should not be comfortable to wear it. Then he will wear it. It can be a rule. My recommendation for use and wear? Folding knife with blade from 7.5 to 10 cm in length.

5. Materials

There are two categories of materials. For the blade, I would recommend good quality stainless steel. What is good quality? It is a high-grade steel that currently uses high-grade steel. Do not have a chase for cheapness. If the knife costs only $ 3.98, then no matter what you say.

Emerson Knives Super Karambit BTEmerson Knives Super Karambit BT

One last word about steel. Forget the hype with super-steels. This is just a marketing ploy. Remember, I’m an insider to this industry. It has been used for many years. Items from it easily cut another steel. The disadvantage is that it rusts.

6. Handle

Handles can be made of various materials: from plastic to stainless steel. It is important that it is stable and does not absorb moisture. It is not necessary to shrink. Stabilized materials are usually waterproof. They must not absorb sweat, water, gasoline or oil. This sweeps away most natural materials, such as wood, horn or ivory.

In addition, discard craton – soft rubber, which is used in the production of some “tactical” knives. It either bursts or wears – comfortable, but short-lived. With composites, it can be good materials for handles.

Emerson Gentleman JimEmerson Gentleman Jim

As for the all-metal handles, they are almost eternal. In some cases, they feel heavier or slippery than non-metallic. You need to decide what is more comfortable in the hand. I wear a knife with a titanium handle every day. It is not a natural or textured surface. This is a design task. Will be a bad knife.

7. Blade

The blade must be a cutting edge and edge. These are the basics. More specifically: I love a strong and wide edge. Knives can be damaged or broken. A couple inches of cutting edge is enough. Curved blades very effectively cut clothing and fabric, including seat belts. The blade should be 3 mm thick.

Regular and serrated versions of the CQC-7V modelRegular and serrated versions of the CQC-7V model

I recommend the hardness of 57-59 Rockwell, unlike those who harden knives to 61 units. From practical experience, I’m going to be too hard and brittle. It says, In the field, you can With 57-59 units of hardness, there is some flexibility in the blade. It is still a knife. Expensive shit, nothing more. And the last word about the blades. Always, always repeat, choose a blade with a serrayator. They always cut, even when blunt, and pass across the seatbelt as fast as shit through a goose-ass.

8. Locks

I’m not too worried about locks. Again, companies can capture. Folding knife folds. Clear Never rely on a lock. This is not a fixed-blade knife! I broke them all. I repeat, I broke them all.

Emerson Super Desert Roadhouse BTEmerson Super Desert Roadhouse BT

There are back-loki, there is liner-loki, there is axis-loki. They are all good, but not reliable. Once a good company, it is a crappy. Do not trust your knife for $ 6. Does your finger cost only $ 6? If you want a knife that never folds – choose a fix.

9. Foldable or fixed

This is also determined. Some people like folding, and some like fixes. A fixed blade is inherently stronger than the folding blade (it has no moving parts). For it? The helicopter cop is in the cabin. If you beat a door from a door.

USN DaggerFront LgUSN DaggerFront Lg

Many policemen prefer compact blades. It is very convenient to carry them all together. Clumsy knife is determined. I want to ask you a question. How many times have you used a nail gun? You say it’s not a hammer? So the knife is not a hammer either. What can I say about the folding knives? Maybe the following is a rule of thumb in his pocket.

10. Wearing

It is wear out. There are many scabbards and covers: from leather, nylon or kaydeksa. If made with a knife, it is a good idea. Most modern “tactical” knives. Some clips are located on the tip of the blade, some tip-down of the blade are.

UBR CommanderUBR Commander

Used to it. This is an easy way to carry it. Which side? Under the armor of the gun? Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Police officers do not like to overload their “pistol” side. It is a weapon that has been used in a holster.

I even heard from some people. Sorry, I wouldn’t have to misunderstood this point. Of carrying a knife. The knife should always be in one place. The car is the worst options.

11. Reputation

But I still try. With a choice, you can not buy your weapon for $ 100 at a special Saturday sale. Also with knives. There are a few things worth paying attention to. Someday your knife may or may not need maintenance. For your products and implement it? You may be surprised. I remind you that I am an insider of this industry. Does the company know what it is doing? Remember, it will just turn black. Both engineers and 19-year-old designers create horrible knives. There is nothing you can do.

Emerson Prototype CQC-45 KnifeEmerson Prototype CQC-45 Knife

And one more thing to pay attention to. If something like “Official SWAT”, “Army Ranger”, “Delta Recon” (what is hell is this?) Or “FBI HRT” is written on the knife, then I guarantee 100% that it is not. Stay away from them. They are made in China. Damn, they are not wrong, it’s just a lie! I want to see the inscription on the things I buy. But this is just my opinion.

They are around – just look back.

In the end, the “tactical knife” should be credible. Choose a knife from a reputable dealer. Flea markets are not on this list. It’s a bit like being a knife. Will your knife cope with this task? Knives, says: “When your life depends on your equipment … choose equipment that she can count on“. Guess the company? =)

Sources – ul.tvoridob.ro and knifelife.ru

Tactical knife &# 8212; 11 defining criteria

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