Tactical knife for meat, steaks and steaks, TSK Tactical Steak Knife from TOPS Knives, description, characteristics, review.

It is no secret that at the current level of development of technology in camping equipment, most of the time on a picnic, in a one-day outing into nature or in a multi-day trip, the knife taken with itself carries out most of the usual kitchen work, helping you with cooking. It is such a knife and for similar work, called TSK, Tactical Steak Knife Tactical knife for meat, steaks and steaks, is offered to us by TOPS Knives. 

Tactical knife for meat, steaks and steaks, TSK Tactical Steak Knife from TOPS Knives, description, features, overview.

It’s not entirely clear what made TOPS Knives, which mainly specializes in the production of colorful, sometimes very unusual shapes of items sustained in the same Military style, produce this knife that breaks out of the general concept. However, it is worth recognizing what they did. TSK knife appeared logical, concise and no frills. With such an easy touch of militancy. The TSK knife is available in two versions, with and without a seritor. Moreover, the location of the seritor in the front of the blade is quite logical based on the range of tasks specific to the knife, and this is primarily work on meat and products.

steel 154CM in my opinion it’s somehow easier to agree. With a sharpened knife, he went to the kitchen, peeled potatoes, chopped onions and bread, cut one fish and cut a piece of meat that was not thawed to the end. Then he went to the forest. In order not to put marks and speak badly or well, I’ll tell you what I felt. And I will slightly compare the TSK cut with the once-former RC-4, these are almost identical knives in size and geometry.

Steel 1095 is clearly and unequivocally better for me than 440C.
If you put the approximate efficiency, then the knife TSK it will be about 60%, and the knife RC-4 80%.
Convenience when working with TSK is many times better than with the RC-4 knife, which has a too short handle that spoils everything.
TSK knife requiring minimal maintenance, 440C steel will forgive so much, and there’s coating.
The reverse side of this coating, as I expected strong braking during cutting, and this is felt even more than the inconvenience of a thick 4.5 mm butt.

For some reason, a TSK knife cuts a tree, oh sooooo reluctantly, in this regard, the RC-4 knife will give it a big head start.
The scabbard and the clip is quite nothing, comfortable, liked it.
Due to the design features, the knife is lightweight, this is a plus.
Due to the design features, a knife didn’t raise a log with a knife.
Reading the two previous paragraphs, the question arises and why then you need a boot in 4.5 mm thick (for some reason 3.9 mm is indicated on the manufacturer’s website), with such, let’s say, not quite solid construction?

Based on the foregoing, I don’t know what concrete conclusions I have made about this knife yet. It’s necessary to jump out into the woods for a couple of nights, everything will be decided there, but for now I’m not ready to say anything unambiguously. I will end this short review with an excerpt from an article about the TSK knife published in the January issue (2009) of Tactical Knives.

Returning to why this is a tactical meat knife. I think this is just a little joke from the TOPS Knives. There are so many young men wearing military uniforms who just want to show that they are ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even when they are not on duty. So what could be cooler than appearing at the invitation to a barbecue, dressed in camouflage and with a tactical meat knife on his belt?

Written by Steven Dick

In simple terms, in my subjective opinion, Steven Dick believes that the tactical knife for meat and steaks TSK Tactical Steak Knife from TOPS Knives is just a bluff knife … like this…

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