Tactical pants Crye-Precision Combat Pants Gen.3

Actually, who understands the equipment, the pro Crye-precision no need to tell. Their designs on fabrics, on camouflages (on the same cartoons is their work), on designs. In short, the foremost, innovators, seekers of new solutions. And, most importantly, thought out for the end user. This is where the client’s goods are fully satisfied. If it doesn’t want to buy it

This is not the case when the movie was shot.

Little bit of trouble. Alloy tsu). Anyway, it’s possible costume “snipe” from the same fusion Mabuta. But thank you need experience. This is not a single person. Moreover, it’s not easy brand 5.11, this outright fake). You can also make remarks. If you really decide.

Here is the company Garsing went this way. Therefore, IMHO be successful in expanding and getting away from shoe products. The catalog of clothes. I hope that it will remain a way. So, they have 3 models of jackets (in fact, everything). Well there, a couple of options for thermal underwear, hats and socks. But the shoes they have quite an incredible amount. But today is not about her.

So, replica pants Crye-Precision Combat Pants Gen.3, It is 17-20 thousand rubles ( Crye – 202 dollars). Yes, these are ordinary summer pants. Blowjob, cook borscht, show a movie, and magically teleport their owner. What do they want that kind of money? For the original idea, high-quality materials and workmanship. Everything.
The pants themselves are very good. The competent design, the thought-over ergonomics. All pockets are located. The design of a removable integrated knee pads, which are even before the heap and height adjustable. The possibility of fitting the legs with Velcro. In short, everything is for people.

What does the company offer us? Garsing? Nothing new. Just a copy of the pants Crye-Precision Combat Pants Gen.3. There are few external differences:

The cloth:

  • Crye uses Nyco (Nylon-Cotton 50/50). The fabric is lightweight, durable. Dries quickly, despite the fact that it doesn’t immediately get wet. It is therefore not safe to use safety margin.
  • Garsing costs more simple PolyCotton (Polyestr-Cotton 65/35). The fabric is the same ripstop, but, let’s say, more rag. It is lighter than Nyco, it becomes a weaker, it becomes much easier. Let’s just say the best option for budget execution. From a similar fabric, it’s sewn in the world. Domestic fabric. And here lies the main problem. Fabric can have both high quality and outright rubbish. It is impossible to guess, you have to choose “by touch”.


  • Have Crye The buckle is made on velcro. The decision is very controversial. Of course, Velcro is not ours. Both in quality and durability. But, however, no “sticky tape” (for Blackhawk, eg, buttons are generally immortal). And despite numerous requests to change the Velcro to something more reliable, Crye for three generations doesn’t change anything (for asking for a little).
  • Garsing I acted wiser, especially knowing the quality of the domestic “Velcro”. Canadian button. No tricks and cost, simply and reliably. It is not always difficult to get it. Then if they were torn off, then there were no problems.

In the design Crye-Precision Combat Pants Gen.3 I have not considered them critical:

  • Front pockets have Garsing slightly, about a centimeter, taller and wider than that Crye.
  • In the same front pockets Garsing elastic organizer ribbons for fixing trifles (multitool, pistol shops, gas cylinders, etc.) are sewn. The thing is very convenient, I can say in Blackhawk. But in the pants from Crye it is not.
  • But in the cargo pockets Crye there is such an organizer, and Garsing not.
  • Knee pad material Crye softer and with a slope in rubberization, and Garsing more plastic. What’s more plus – everyone decides for himself. Kraevskys wear out faster, Garsingovskys are a bit more noisy (not critical, but the fact is).

In terms of quality, there are no complaints. External seams neat, thread does not stick anywhere. The lines themselves are smooth, where necessary – reinforced with a double pass. From the inside of everything, of course, it’s not. Several places of careless overlap, sticking threads in some places. But, at least, if you pull them away, dissolve the seams. But in some places, alas, it will require revision by hand. I could compare them with BlackHawk LW Tactical Pant Cambodian tailoring. That is, in general, the pants turned out quite sane in quality. Especially when you consider it cheaper than the original. For for GSG-1 (model name) floats from 4500 to 5400.

It is clear that it’s good practice and time will show. But, for now, the impression is positive.

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