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On April Fools’ Day, Company Employees 5.11 Tactical, manufacturer of tactical clothing and equipment, decided to fool around. They announced their intention to release tactical kilt.

Kilt is a traditional Scottish highlander. However, unlike its progenitor, it takes about 6-8 meters tactical kilt Pleated reinforced polyester is used. This Scottish fantasy is called 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt.

It was thought that it was about the production of real production. No wonder – this is capitalism in action. The market spawned demand, and the guys from 5.11 had no choice but to satisfy it.

Here is the full response of the head of the company 5.11 Tactical Tom Davin:

Our dear friends and customers of the company 5.11!

About a month ago, Fools’ rally, suggesting the creation of a tactical kilt. “We’ve made it?” He asked.

Having received the “green light” of Brian Rogers (Brian Rogers). Six people knew about it.

Viking Tactics President Kyle Lamb. He was not a member of the group. 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt in action. Mat Frederick is a veteran veteran park known as Roman. And it started …

We’ve seen a kilo of it. Someone from the team then said: “… We have only one kilt in stock.” It’s me, and I’m talking about what I’m saying: “Be ready to make more kilts!”

And he was right. The fool’s joke played out by us. 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt will be available for pre-order. It’s a bit of a scary killer.

5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt will be available in black, khaki and olive (OD Green). MultiCam will be offered at a slightly higher price. Size: 30-40. Remember that we have your orders!

Support for 5.11 Tactical. Once again I confirm the possibility of ordering Tactical Duty Kilt!

Tom davin
CEO, 5.11 Tactical
Thanks CK!

History of April Fools’ Draw 5.11 Tactical once again demonstrated the unpredictability of consumer demand. Relaying one tactical kilt It was a little bit more direction, than the direction of their production.

It was a success.

There is a lot of freedom than women. However, this is more of a stereotype than a reality. It is difficult to believe in their eyes. With men, paradoxically, everything is much more complicated. He agreed to wash the dishes …

It is a lot of people who love to take it. On the contrary, courageous defenders even in Asian deserts are forced to roast in tight trousers. The maximum that they can afford.

Forget the conventions, especially since our friends have already been done so long ago. Tactical scottish men’s kilt increases and eliminates rubbing of the skin.

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