Tactics of the “weak” hand: Why should it be?

Posted by: Jeff Prather

When can you shoot with one hand?

This article is not exactly about weapons, equipment or shooting. It will be about the near-rifle theme.

Boredom? Not really. How often they used their weapons. There is a small number of times for a person.

A couple of years ago, I was at the IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instruments) conference – the International Association of Law Enforcement Instruments. There are many shooters that have been lost, have become erroneous.

It was found. Yes, the shooting instructors. We teach students how to notice. But our training scenarios end right after shooting. And this is wrong.

It is more difficult than that. It can be injured.

It becomes impossible to hold a weapon. For example, in case of injury. What is the most common phenomenon of firefights? As a result, all shots are targeted. If you’re at it moment healthy. Why it is important and taught.

“Well,” I say that I will shift the weapon into the other hand. Another phenomenon often observed during shootouts is “adrenaline castleIt is not a weapon.

If you are in the carriageway, it’s not. Unfortunately, there’s no need for a weapon. Driving in for a cameraman.

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Rifle training

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