TALOS: Armored exoskeleton of the soldiers of the future

Hollywood has always been turned to her. But this time is the opposite. The company of the Pentagon to develop ammunition.

It has been the case for the US Marine in Afghanistan. Therefore, it has been significantly reduced to the Joseph Votel, said: “If you’re the most vulnerable.”

And here is the project TALOS (Tactical Light Operator Suit), whose budget is about 80 million dollars, was started. He is under close observation. Not everyone approves of the soldiers being trusted by the “comic stripper”. But if everything works out, then it will be possible. For example, private companies such as the military, including Adidas and Nike.

TALOS will be a super-protected exoskeleton weighing about 170 kg. It’s clear that it’s not (except falling down). Ordering There are also armored systems which are embedded.

The suit will cover with armor 60% of the owner’s body. This will be the number of times during the surgery. There is a rumor that “liquid armor” will be used.

Such a large-scale development, and even with associated comics, while causing incredible views of bystanders. Wait and see …


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