Tanimboca – a fresh look at the Scandinavian puukko knife from TOPS

Company “TOPS knives“Decided to diversify its line of cutting tools by adding there own variation of the classic Scandinavian knife puukko – Tanimboca. Responsible for the development of the Serbian designer Goran Mikhailovich, whose forge is located in the Amazon jungle. It was his new look at traditional Scandinavian knives that determined the design. Tanimboca.

Together with a wide shank (metal part of the blade, which is in the handle) and a composite material called “Micarta” (in fact – a mixture of fabric / paper and glue, pressed under pressure), we see a complete departure from the traditional ideas about puukko, how about knives with a narrow stick-like shank and a wooden handle. “Maybe there are similar puukko somewhere, but I definitely haven’t met them,” says Craig Pauvel from “TOPS knives

However, Goran Mikhailovich left the traditional blade and the shape of the handle almost unchanged. Blade length – 3.6 inches (9 cm), the ideal length for puukko, from the point of view of the designer. But steel 1095 was chosen as the working material, in contrast to the Colombian sheet steel, which Goran uses to make his own knives.

“This is a simple knife without any frills, which just perfectly performs its task” – says Pauvel. “Sometimes it’s better without additional complications.” Original chips Tanimboca a sharpening angle of 90 degrees, ideal for scraping, as well as special leather sheath on a cord, perfectly suited for wearing on a belt or even on the neck, for those who are not scared by the weight of a knife of 7.6 ounces (215 grams).

In the extensive TOPS catalog, there are more than 250 items, but since 2017 the company has tried to enter the hitherto unexplored territory by organizing the production of knives, which were assigned to a large group of “Fieldcraft”. “On the one hand, we have few options left. However, on the other hand, we have quite a few folding knives, multitools, and knives of high carbon steel with a sharpening of 90 degrees. That is, we really have directions that can be implemented. And we can do it. “

Price Tanimboca puukko – about 150 dollars.

Well, here’s a video for you.

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