Tankman Day. Second sunday of september

Revision Last day club It’s a great deal of congratulations. This equipment is very important. Keep a cool head, even in the hottest battle. And you need, of course, to love your car.

Congratulations on Tankman Day!

A little story about the holiday:

It is a professional holiday of the builders of the tankers.

During the World War II, it was the Day of the World War II. established in the USSR. The decree of the United States of America on July 11, 1946. Red Square, the day of the Tankman.

Throughout its military holiday. For some time (s), it has been noted that it has been the time of the day.

Until 1980, it was celebrated on September 11, 1944. In 1980, it was established second Sunday of September.

And in conclusion we offer you a tank parade. =)

Tankman Day. Second sunday of september

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