Taran Butler – a gun professional in Hollywood

Do you think the movie? Turned out great? No, it is a person’s merit Ram butler. A true master of shooting! Winner of thirteen national titles! Winner of many competitions!

You think. Rather, look at Keanu Reeves, especially in the movie “John Wick.” It doesn’t seem to be able to shoot? All because Butler, introduces his shooting style into films – “tactical and adapted stunt.”

It all started in 2004. Mick Gould coached Tom Cruise before the film “Partner”, a friend Butler invited him to come and see. On Tarana also looked. Jamie Fox and Colin Farrell to instruct – for the Miami Police. Department of manners. In the “accomplice” you noticed, when he shoots his eyes are open? And this suggests a good workout.

Butler It was also the time of the movie director of Michael Mann. He reloaded his ten-caliber Winchester Model 1901, and Stephen Lang, under the supervision of Butler I had to shoot a gun three times. Everything worked out! Pity only says Ram, cut out most of the recharge. And to Michael Mann, the director, Butler He advised the “Voight Infiniti TIKI 1911”. It costs around six thousand dollars for the Miami Police!

Born shooters from among those he coached Ram butler calls Chris Hamsworth, Johnny Depp, Aaron Eckhart, Josh Duhamel, Jack Osbourne, Keanu Reeves, Heyden Panettiere. More from Butler The Scott of the East Coast, the Scott Eastwood (actor), the trainer and the instructor, Butler sighed, came, explained – they listened to him!

This is a match for all the films before the jury, I mean, it’s correct! thank Taran butler. The scenes are sometimes very interesting specialists!

By the way, about the very Tarane. He was born in california And during his career, Butler received the following awards:

  • he became the champion of the Southwest League twenty-three times;
  • he won the competition in California ten times;
  • five times became a multinational champion in tactics;
  • times rocky mountain 3-gun;
  • won five times at Fort Benning;
  • eleven – became the champion of SMM3G;
  • twice – the national champion IDPA;
  • the first ever USPSA Multi-gun triple crown champion.

And that’s not all, Butler continues to move on and up! Good luck to him!

Taran Butler – a gun professional in Hollywood

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