Tea-Chorba – tea with meat from Turkmenistan

Who said drinks are needed solely to quench thirst? It is a number of natural conditions. For example – blown mountains and blown mountains. Turkmenistan, in short. The cold is the doggy. So, shepherds wandering in Turkmenistan for a long time. This is called “know-how” – tea chorba.

“Yes, now many will begin to resent, they say”Chorba – It is definitely a soup with tea! ”And I do not argue. Indeed, the kitchen has a soup with the same name – Gara chorba, eg. A full soup of kaurma, spices and vegetables. But this recipe belongs to farmers who are directly grown agricultural agricultural products.

And nomadic herders were forced to get out. If simplified, then tea chorba – wheat cakes, it sounds so strange. It was tasty and extremely nutritious. This is a banal economy.

Horseradish It is not too rational. So they began to combine. Besides, chorba tea It is much faster to cook than a soups – nothing to cook, that’s all. Bold, nutritious and good tonic drink is ready.

This is a recipe for its sublimates – “Filled with boiling water and eat / drink”. May be different. You can add spices, pepper, there, dried onions, dill. In short, it’s herder.

It is true that at the moment it’s not. Well, what they are accustomed to this taste. But youngest people follow traditions traditions. And it is understandable, because it is much easier to use.

In short tea chorba – There are no other alternatives. So take this concept into service and food fighting stereotypes. No seriously. It is much easier to eat grasshoppers. Although, in fact, there is not much difference. It’s all about psychology, which means it’s fixable.

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