Technique of dodging bullets “Pendulum”: Myths and truth

Modern man is very difficult to surprise with something. However, there is always a provision for secret knowledge. It is not listed as secret. And most importantly, this, as a rule, is very far from reality. It is a rule of thumb. Not an exception and Technique “Pendulum”, This is a unique development of marks and firing marks. Let us dwell on this in a little more detail.

For starters – the bare facts. For the first time, the “Pendulum” technique was “In August of the 44th” by Vladimir Bogomolov. in 1973. It has been served in military intelligence. This is an in-depth study of citizen’s calligraphy. Bogomolov has something to do with SMERSH. What is true and what is not up to us to decide.

In the future, about the secret tpendulum “pendulum”, developed by the SMERSH agents were written by various authors, among whom the most famous G. Potapov and S. Ivanov-Kamensky. In the past few years Great patriotic war. Say “Pendulum” at the same time as the enemy. This is a unique art work. Impressive, isn’t it?

Again about the facts. Technique “Pendulum” not in service in the world. Technology “Pendulum” is not used in the SMERSH – Russian special forces. Currently followers of the Potapov and other authors are followers. And how many real combat officers are among them.

Now thoughts. Shots from a standard weapon in a couple of seconds. The reaction rate of a person is within 200 ms in the most favorable case. The Makarov Pistol is 315 m / s. So for 200 ms, it will be about 60 meters. Is it possible to dodge it physically? Not.

Go ahead. The basic principle technology “Pendulum” The body of the body of the mass. Is it possible to shoot with such acrobatics? As practice has shown – yes, you can. Can you shoot straight if enemy bullets hit you? Not.

Then what is the calculation? He will be the first. It seems to be logical, but you can’t confuse a professional military with such dances. It is not clear that it can be a problem. If you’re a little bit angry, do you really want to kill you?

Go ahead. In addition to the movement itself, Technique “Pendulum” there is a description of fast drawing weapons and weapons. And it is much more similar to the truth. For example, the holsters were designed to reduce the number of hand movements. As well as in motion. And it really is used by modern special forces. Was this the ingenious development of SMERSH? Maybe. Does it help dodge a bullet? No, but it helps shoot earlier and more accurately.

Could SMERSH agents It is a rule. So, it was not a problem. sabotage and terrorist activities. Did you find out what the agents have to do?

Every day and every person counts. The turnover of personnel is very high. Preparation of each agent is not enough. They are given. What are your training skills? Rather, the second. After all the “Red Army” based on unique training Vasily Zaitsev. It is a fact that it’s not a matter of course.

So what is the phenomenon technology “Pendulum”? It is a fact of life. This is a panacea. It is much easier to prevent the enemy from approaching to the minimum distance than effectively swinging “pendulums” in front of him. It is thoughtlessly a lot of comfort. much more effective “shake” the situation knock the enemy off balance, will be stuffed with lead.

If you are a fighter, you need to know. Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that there’s.

Bullet dodging technique &# 171; Pendulum&# 187; &# 8212; myths and truth

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