Technique of hand-to-hand combat techniques, teaching aid.

and a gun, exemption from grabs and girths, mutual assistance techniques, escort. 

This manual is intended for full-time and freelance instructors conducting training sessions with employees of the penitentiary system, and can also be used in independent studies with cadets (students) when studying program material in the discipline “Physical Culture” section “Combat fighting techniques “.

The content of the training manual “Technique of hand-to-hand combat techniques”.


1. Russian legislation on self-defense and its limits.
2. Safety regulations for classes in the main sections of physical fitness.
3. Vulnerabilities of the human body.
4. Racks.
5. Captures.
6. Movement.
7. Distances.
8. Painful techniques.
9. Choking techniques.
10. Throws.
11. Kicks.
12. Protection against kicks.
13. Kicks.
14. Hand protection.
15. Release from captures.
16. stabs.
17. Impacts at hand.
18. Disarmament with knife strikes.
19. Methods of battle with a gun.
20. The rebound machine.
21. Disarm at threat with a pistol.
22. Receptions of assistance (mutual assistance).
23. Methods of surface inspection, binding and handcuffing.
24. First aid.
25. Methods of mastering blows and defense.

Bibliographic list.

Shocks to certain areas of the human body can cause: pain shock, which is accompanied by loss of consciousness and can lead to death, hemorrhage in internal organs and muscles, fractures of flat and tubular bones, ruptures of muscles and ligaments. These lesions are caused by strong and precise blows to parts of the human body..

Any martial art begins from the rack, so the laws of maintaining equilibrium must be taken into account during various movements. The art of maintaining balance in the battle lies in the ability to perform movements that provide a quick change in the area of ​​support and increase the angle of stability in “dangerous directions”, as well as the ability to strain or relax muscles to neutralize or absorb the efforts of the enemy. Racks are used to make favorable conditions when moving from one action to another. Racks are: the main combat and frontal.

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