Technique of suffocating captures and receptions. Basic course. Textbook.

. However, as a technique of suffocating techniques, studied without fail, it is preserved in its classic and original form. And can be used in application sections.

Most of the other lists of equipment for asphyxiating grabs and techniques described in the literature on martial arts and martial arts, to one extent or another, repeat the proposed list and this list. Only the sequence order of the techniques of asphyxiation offered to study is changed. Other trends are also being observed: expanding the list quantitatively and complicating or simplifying the techniques included in it is qualitative. Or vice versa. The list is shortened and tricks are simplified or complicated..

Or both are done at the same time. Some tricks are getting complicated. Others, on the contrary, are declining. However, it should be noted that this “dozen” continues to be the basis and basis for studying this section of martial arts regardless of their name, type, school or style. As evidence of this claim, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has become popular. To verify this, just flip through the book of the famous champion R. Gracie. The same recognizability of the influence of the classical judo system on the combat section of sambo can be clearly seen in the works of the Honored Master of Sports of the USSR A. A. Kharlampiev.

However, the list of choking techniques or options for their implementation in reality is much wider and more extensive than this list. For example, with the use of leg strength, you can perform much more asphyxiation techniques than two asphyxiation legs (No. 7 and No. 12), presented in the list of 12 techniques. Moreover, some of them can be used in sports, and some are strictly prohibited in sports in any form. But it is quite applicable in any technique of an applied or special section.

Technique of suffocating captures and receptions. Basic course. Tutorial DOWNLOAD A BOOK

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