Technique of survival in extreme conditions

It is a fact that it will help you get in touch with your preparation. It is important to quickly overcome the initial emotional trauma. What is the most important thing to do?

If necessary, there is no need for survival from birth – determination, resilience, ingenuity and sense of humor. All you need to adapt them as quickly as possible to new circumstances. You probably never had to go to food quest and water.

However, it’s relatives.

When you adapt, you will need it, as much as possible, to new circumstances. Your feelings, comfort, comfort, and comfort.

If you, despite all the obstacles, are determined to survive, you will be master of the situation. Preserving positive attitude, you will have energy find food, water and shelter, you will be saved.

Do you need to focus on your energy? You can solve your problem carefully and carefully.

It is clear that there is a way for you to travel around the environment. survive.

It has been noted. warm clothing, food and water.

Those who go to long-term expeditions It’s not a problem. However, even they may overestimate the willingness of their gear and various natural disasters.

However, it’s not a problem. accident. What is more?

It may not be necessary for you. Learn to prepare for trips.


Maxim that says that time spent on planning, never wasted, as true in terms of office work. If you spend your time on the trip, it’s not worth it.

You will be ready for it. Peace and peace. If you go to hike or in an expedition, will be a very important role to play planning necessary. It will meet you. You must also be able to take care of your health.


Thanks to modern fashion on equipment Help to spend time outdoors. In this case it is best to consult the sellers. specialty store, where the staff is usually made up of enthusiasts active rest.

It will help you understand the conditions. For example, your eyes run when you are on the shelves lovely shoes for tourists, It will save both time and energy.

One piece of advice: since the fashion industry is leading now sport style, Not to buy a fake; sports shoes and clothing must be of very good quality.

As for equipment, it is passed through the fabric outside. If you choose clothes, make sure they are wet, cold and unpleasant.


It is an important part of your equipment. You must have at least one strong good hat. If you are going to have a cold balaclava or hats with earflaps.

Go to the jacket, take something more waterproof. Heading into the desert, follow the example of the Arabs, Bedouin headscarf. If you can’t get the real one Bedouin shawl, If necessary, it is necessary to take a piece of light. These scarves are sold in specialized stores.


Breathable jacket high quality worth of money invested. Wear it; But it also can reduce the persistence (if sewn from a Gore-Tex-type material). Help you reduce water consumption. Jacket, valves, visor, valves, big pockets, so you can warm your hands.


Warm, dry pullover and / or sweater If you stop for a halt. Do not wear too much clothing when experiencing heavy physical exertion;

Shirts and t-shirts

There is a large selection on sale shirts and t-shirts, Sewn from materials that are cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Once again I remind you if you are not sure which shirts and t-shirts you can’t get a lot of advice from a sales assistant.


You will need pants, light and comfortable for walking. Another advantage of lightweight cotton-like material. It is not cold even in light Far north. We recommend trousers on your knees strengthened. In addition, you can choose pants with special pockets for cards, etc.
In countries with extreme climatic conditions special pants, for example, worn in the desert.

Waterproof clothing

Breathable materials are very good, but beyond that, you should have rainwear, which you can throw on top of everything else. Pants made of waterproof fabric.


It can be a matter of course. You always
If you need, you can wear a dry pair.

For example, for walking, for mountaineering. Some socks are treated with antibacterial agents.


Leg warmers will be needed
protect the skin from damage.


There are a lot of different types of shoes. It is not a suit for your sport. For example, mountain boots not as flexible as walking shoes.

Talk to a consultant or read reviews in special journals.

Ideally, you should first spread sport shoes, so that it was your leg. If you are wearing a pair of socks, you will have to wear it. The quality of the insoles must also be considered. If you have leather boots, Make up your shoes.

For leather shoes, it should be water-repellent and, perhaps, shoes should be lined with water, it can provide breathability, comfort, warmth and dryness.


If you’re trying to make a trip, it’s not a problem. You need to know the basic principle: backpack The weight of weight is on the shoulders. It is a little effort to put pressure on your shoulders and neck.

For example a warm sweater or dry socks, it would not be necessary to interrupt each time whole backpack. For some backpacks.

Frequently. By packing things like this, a soldier can calmly swim across a river, using a backpack like a raft and keeping your gear dry.

If you want to bring such things as ice ax, You can find such items with special straps and fasteners.

Below we list the items that make up the gear. It depends on the list.


If you want to be armed rifle or pistol, hugs game, etc. If you are a civilian, where you are traveling. Never try to enter the country without weapons. You can smuggle something relatively innocuous, such as a slingshot, which you can carry along with a life support kit.


Good knife can make life easier for you during the trip; It can be used for a variety of tasks. You may have knife with wooden handle or folding. Among other things a knife can be used for cutting branches and flaying animals.

Blunt knife make it more time consuming. For knife sharpening use coarse and fine-grained grinding stone. It must be wet.

Survival kit


  • hood;
  • wool helmet;
  • Arab shawl – keffiyeh;
  • helmet (climbing);
  • scarf for wiping sweat, as well as for heat.


  • jacket;
  • trousers (waterproof trousers worn over regular trousers);
  • wool sweater;
  • shirts;
  • warm underwear;
  • gloves;
  • socks.


  • boots – winter / for walking;
  • sandals;
  • gaiters;
  • spare shoelaces;
  • spare insoles;
  • crampon);
  • skiing.


  • backpack;
  • walking bag;
  • backpack type “Bergen”.


  • emergency life support kit;
  • first aid kit;
  • a box with a supply of food and tableware (knife, fork, spoon);
  • a flask of water and a mug;
  • a hunting knife (the total length of the blade is about 18 cm);
  • folding knife with a lock;
  • tent;
  • camp bed;
  • sleeping bag;
  • inflatable bag;
  • sleeping mattress;
  • hammock;
  • mosquito net;
  • parachute;
  • ropes / rope;
  • carbine;
  • ice ax;
  • folding stick-cane;
  • shovel (folding);
  • compass;
  • general purpose radio station;
  • clock;
  • chronograph;
  • heart monitor;
  • torch;
  • sunglasses (especially for the northern regions and the desert);
  • monocular;
  • binoculars;
  • Spyglass;
  • the tablet;
  • heater;
  • personal care kit;
  • steel silicon lighter (you can add a cigarette lighter);
  • wind-proof matches;
  • cardboard for the ignition of matches;
  • candles (some types are edible);
  • magnifying glass;
  • flexible saw and / or Swiss army knife with a file;
  • sewing threads (in the quiet evening);
  • needles;
  • single-bladed razor;
  • heliograph (for signal transmission);
  • fishing gear;
  • snares for birds;
  • cotton wool;
  • whistle;
  • soft water packaging;
  • water purification tablets;
  • covers for soft packaging;
  • screw caps;
  • antiseptics;
  • patches;
  • sunscreen / lotion / insect lotion;
  • safety pins;
  • electrolyte concentrate;
  • pencil;
  • notebook;
  • flares.


This is what a well-equipped soldier should wear in his backpack. It may include the following:

  • tea and / or coffee bags;
  • bags of milk and sugar;
  • bags of soup;
  • chocolate candies;
  • rice cookies;
  • flashing light bag.

It will help you to make sure that you are in the extreme situation.

Technique of survival in extreme conditions

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