Technogenic Survival: Aircraft Safety

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Airplane safety
Crash during takeoff and landing

Airplane safety

Catastrophe and explosion
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Stephen King. “Running Man”.

Cruise ship interstate cruise lines. Some simple precautions are not taken. It is filled with air traffic controllers. If you are flying away from the ocean, it will take you a bag.

It can be categorized as a rule. Worse, even things like a can opener or small scissors can be forbidden to you. Any metal thing found in your possession can be scrutinized. If you’ve found it dangerous, you can’t be handed over.

In case your luggage is lost or stolen, you should take it whenever possible. Among other things, there is a pair of slippers, a pair of sanitary napkins, some clothes, some food. You can’t put a ticket on it. Do not wear shoes. Heels can pierce an emergency inflatable gangway.

There are ways to be rescued from the cabin. Mask containers are usually attached to the front seat. Bottom cushions, inflatable vests (located under chairs), inflatable ladders, inflatable rafts are usually used as rescue craft. Large aircraft have emergency exits to the wings. Landing on the water.

It is clear that it is possible to get out of the cabin. It is less dangerous for the aircraft to land. This is the case of emergency splashdown. If you’re trying to get a cabin, try the transferring in advance.

It is not important that it has been storming.

It is clear that there has been a curtain on the road between the seats and the railings. and emergency). Adjust your body, practice fast fastening and unfastening. Slacks should not be. Do you want to be in the air?

During the flight, it is dangerous.

Make sure your neighbors are also not fit. Do not put on the shelf. Keep your luggage under the chair or on your lap. If there is a risk of emergency landing, make sure that there is no need for passengers to enter the cabin.

Crash during takeoff and landing

Most aviation accidents happen during takeoffs and landings (avoid settling near aerodromes). It is a fire-resistant material (wool, leather). In the event of a fire, they will provide you with some protection against fire. If you are going to go in the bag, it is thin leather gloves. They can be worn with the threat of an accident. Also keep a cap with you.

Gloves, caps are slightly protected.

It may not be a report. Smoke, stopping the engine, making it possible to take immediate measures of protection. Sweep off your glasses This will protect you from different flying objects.

Do not push the legs. Rest your head on. If you are on the floor If you have reached a narrow distance seat belts. To reduce this possibility of a narrow belt. You also need to take care of your skin. The back of the chair.

After an emergency landing, you can get it out. Help up the mess with the hint of panic For example, declare loudly and imperiously:

Who will shout, I hurt his head!

If there is no leader, take the initiative. Your means of restoring order: ostentatious calm, loud, clear orders, concourse orders, in the extreme case also fists.


Decompression may occur in a cabin. Signs of decompression: whistling, tansing of the skin. Wear an oxygen mask and move less. It is necessary, since it is possible. With rapid decompression at high altitude, you will have only 15 seconds If you are late, you will lose consciousness. Therefore, help those around you. Oxygen will not begin to flow. It is necessary to pull the string out.

If you are wearing a mask, you can’t wear it.

Do not look at questions. Pressure drops, it opens automatically. It is difficult to determine whether it is not odor. It should be between your breaths.

For example, after the explosion of the aircraft, the air flow occurs in a few seconds. This is a stream of knocks. People can be drawn into it. Fog appears in the cabin, dust rises, a sharp cooling begins. The air temperature can be reduced to 50 degrees below. Since it was a lot of time for shaking and fussing, it was up to 9 minutes.

It is not necessary to make it clear that you can’t get it. buckled. With a sharp entry to the ceiling.


If there is an emergency landing, it will be before the fuel tanks explode. You need to put on your head. What’s the bottom of the exit The distance between the distance and the distance is less than a kilometer.


If you have to fly over the ocean, then you’ll have rather than landing, then it is preferable to wing wings with wings).

Water can maintain buoyancy for a long time. Leave such an aircraft is recommended through the emergency exit, leading to the wing. If you have to dive. In addition, there is a risk of cutting. If you go for a flight over the ocean, wear it brightly.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book “The Art of Survival”

The art of survival. Chapter 3.6: Airplane Safety

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