Telescopic sight

If you have a new optical sight, here you will learn how to quickly fasten it on the weapon and prepare it for firing. Installing an optical sight take a little time and effort. In general, it is simple and exciting, does not require special skills – even for inexperienced beginners it will work out.

As soon as you got optical sight, immediately purchase the appropriate adapters, bipods and o-rings for mounting directly on the rifle. In a good sporting goods store you can find the right components and information, as well as help from qualified employees. Installation can be done on the desktop, kitchen worktop, in the garage, or in the local shooting range or hunting camp.

Here’s how to install a telescopic sight.

Sit in a well-lit area with plenty of space around the working space. A cloth surface like an old sheet or a sleeping bag will help protect weapon and its components from minor scratches. Spread out the components for sight and related tools on a piece of cloth. A small bottle of gun grease is very useful, as well as a little “Permatex” or “Locklight” for fastening the screws.

If you have rifle – remove it, as this will facilitate the assembly. Make sure that the screws are suitable for attachment to the receiver.

Add a drop of “Permatex” on the screws to prevent moisture, dust and dirt from entering the thread, as well as for more durable mounting. Carefully tighten the screws with a screwdriver of the appropriate size, but be extremely careful not to disrupt the thread.

Fix the sight mountings in the adapters. Make sure all components match the weapon model, scope and O-rings.

Sometimes a special key is required to tighten the bolts. Put “Permatex” on all the screws. Do not tighten too tight.

Post it aim on the frame of the rifle and check that all mounts are seamlessly connected. A drop of gun oil will facilitate the docking of components.

Put the O-rings on optical sight, and lightly tighten the screws. Rotate the sight gradually in the rings until everything fits together. If the scope is too tight, remove the rings and try to dock the adapters until it snaps into place. This procedure provides the correct and tight connection of the sight and rings for more accurate shooting.

Secure aim so that the aiming marks align with each other and a clear image appears. Then slowly tighten all ring bolts. In the process, care must be taken to avoid distortion.

AT rifle it is easy to believe the aiming line along the bore, provided that rifle standing on a solid surface like a piece of cloth or a sleeping bag. Just put the target at a distance of 20-40 feet / 6-12 meters and aim rifle on her.

Look in the bore rifles and place the target strictly in the center.

Now check your optical sight without movement rifles and focus aim marks on the target.

In the final inspection, you must make sure that both the barrel of the rifle and the sight are aimed strictly at the target. Are you ready for shooting long distances.

Posted by: Bob McNally


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