Ten reasons for the death of terrorists

Why do terrorists die during detentions? Many people will answer this question: “Yes, without a difference, they are dead, and good!”

However, it is not a chance for activists to exaggerate the theme of “extrajudicial executions”. It’s not a problem. The new terrorists. This clearing. In fact, neither those nor others are interested in justice and legality.

“It’s not true, but it’s not true.” There are a lot of them. It will be up to you to see the opposite. Although it’s worth noting that the bandits die in the North Caucasus die during detentions more often than highly dangerous criminals in other regions. Why?

1. Handling weapons

As a rule, gangsters are psychologically ready to offer armed resistance. Do not even put it on safety. This gives it a chance to take care of it, since it is a weapon.

2. Explosive devices

The use of improvised explosive devices by criminals. It can be seen that he has been pulling away from the ring. If you are not in a timely manner. An attempt to follow it up.

3. The surprise factor

The inability of the element of surprise. In the conditions of a conflict, it will be noted.

4. Wanted

Terrorists are well aware that they are looking for them. It has been discovered that they were in danger. Therefore, always alert.

5. The effects of stress

The existence of a constant stress mode badly affects the nervous system. The assassination attempt can be taken at the slightest suspicion of attempted capture.

6. Peaceful citizens

For the outcome. If this is the case, it’s planned. ” For example, when taking the hostages. The initiative is responsible for the consequences.

7. Whose life is more important …

The head of the special forces is responsible for their fighters. Both moral and legal. This is not the only alternative. The task is to neutralize the terrorist. Bullet in the head is not so important. To take alive, insist, but not very categorical. If he doesn’t resist, he wonders whats for his death.

8. Time

Time constraints. As a rule, most operations are prepared suddenly and urgently. It is a gangster until it can be a gangster. Therefore, it is often necessary to work with the wheels.

9. Rumors

Actively spreading rumors about. However, activists and “conscientious” journalists. Any detainee gangster will tell you they tortured him. Even if less than a minute has passed since the moment of detention. This is the standard mantra “I finally cann’t come, I’ve completely innocent, come, grabbed, threw everything, tortured, I slandered myself.” It doesn’t make a difference. In fact, activists call on their deaths.

10. Conspiracy

Bandits use conspiracy measures and try to avoid situations where they are likely to be detained. If you are a girl avoids deserted dark streets, wastelands, cars of strangers, etc. Terrorists also behave “chastely”.

It is not a problem. What was the order – to shoot. It is because of this. It is difficult to understand. Specialists: If they were paid, they would pay for it. In the name of humanism.

Ten reasons for the death of terrorists

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