Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Camping does not necessarily mean only your car, van or caravan to enjoy a time in nature with your friends or family. Camping tent can be a really fun and unforgettable experience when you plan it well and are prepared for the details of this type of camping. While it is true that sleeping in your bed with all the comfort and luxury to which you are accustomed can not be compared to sleeping in a tent, in a sleeping pad and in other people around you, but it can be relaxing and fun Yes Know how to prepare well.

There are many aspects that you should keep in mind if you want to fully enjoy your experience. If you think of the slight discomfort while sleeping in a tent and see it more as a true adventure, when you harden and learn something new about yourself, your behavior and your needs, you will definitely change your mind and really appreciate a little discomfort . occasionally.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Oddly enough, you can even enjoy it. In this article, we will help you with some useful tips and tricks for camping in the tent on how to make the most of your camping experience and have fun with it.

How to enjoy the experience of your tent.

Choose the right mat and bag

This is one of the first crucial steps towards a good night’s sleep under the stars. There are many options for sleeping pads and sheets, but that does not mean they are all as comfortable. Some are lighter and more compact, while others are better for people who can not stand the rugged terrain while they sleep. To make sure you’re getting the right sleep pad for your needs, you should know if you’ll be fine sleeping on thinner pads.

However, of course, almost nobody enjoys rocks and uneven ground when they try to relax and sleep. Therefore, better go for an inflated pad. They are also lightweight and will not take up much space in your car. If you are hiking and all your luggage is in your backpack, you may have to sacrifice some difficult nights. The thinnest sleeping pads definitely take up less space and are very light.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Inflated pillows are best for people who are not used to regular walks and walks and are more accustomed to the comfort and luxury of their own bed. Try to imitate your bed and your habits to make sure that you will sleep well and you will be relaxed in the morning.

After making your choice with the sleeping pad, you should also take a look at the sleeping bags. The options and options are again intimidating and you may feel quite confused. Do not let frustration enter. The easiest way to choose your sleeping bag is to know when you will need it, during the hot or cold months. This is one of the basic principles to choose the correct bag.

Generally, summer sleeping bags (or 3 stations) do not require much consideration. Take a look at the comfortable minimum temperature. Most 3-season sleeping bags will keep you comfortable until -5. Of course, it also depends on where you are going to camp. Is it in the forest, in a desert, how big are the temperature fluctuations? If you expect warm temperatures during the night, look for a lighter sleeping bag that allows you to spend the night without feeling too overheated.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Usually, the label on the sleeping bag will give you a rough idea of ​​what it offers as comfort and warmth, so try to match that with the expected weather during the time of your tent.

A word about noise management.

During the night it may not be as quiet as you might expect. The desert is not the quiet and peaceful place it can be, day or night. The life of some animals and insects will begin with the sunset. Keep this in mind and if you are a light sleeper, you should take a pair of earplugs. Optionally, for some people are the applications of some devices that mimic the natural sounds of sea waves, waterfalls, leaves, etc.

If you are used to that, by all means, do it. Of course, you should keep in mind that your smartphone or devices may not have enough battery to play for a long time, so do not rely on that alone. Ear plugs should be the first thing you should consider for a quiet and peaceful sleep.

Dealing with fluctuations in temperature.

While summer nights are not as cold as winter nights, you may still be surprised that in desert regions temperatures can fluctuate around 30 degrees or even more. This means that nights can be surprisingly cold. Of course, if you plan to go hiking in a more temperate climate, you will not experience such drastic changes in temperature. And yet, it’s good to be prepared.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

During the night in nature, it is more likely to feel colder than hot, so there is no risk of overheating. If you have problems with the temperature and you feel cold and uncomfortable, prepare a bottle of water in advance and fill it with hot water. Make sure there are no leaks in the cap and stick the bottle on your sleeping pad. It will not be long until you’re already hot. Of course, you can do it before going to sleep and place the bottle of water 30 minutes before getting into your sleeping bag. It will be warm and cozy there already.

Quick bonus advice

Find a lot of activities to do during your camping trip. People tend to sleep much better after they literally run out. Try to get tired (but not too exhausted) and you will fall asleep much faster. You’ll have to ignore some minor imperfections on your makeshift bed and you’ll enjoy sleeping better in it.

The best place to build the tent.

It may not be too far from the logic that the place where you install your store is of great importance. Human bodies are not accustomed to sleeping on uneven surfaces, so the ideal will always be the flat and perfectly horizontal surface. Many campers and hikers tend to feel immediately if the surface on which they sleep is not perfectly horizontal.

While they watch it, it feels totally flat, but once they go to bed, they feel the difference. And as you can imagine, an uneven and non-horizontal surface can lead to a terrible night and spin around trying to find a more comfortable position. Unfortunately, this never happens if the surface is not good enough.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Therefore, it is very important that you find a really flat surface. Even if it takes time to find it (and after all, nature barely provides ideal surfaces for the bed), give it about 30 minutes of searching. When you set up the tent, try the place and see if there might be some potential problems. If there are any, do not hesitate to move the store, even if that means reinstalling it. It is better to spend some time looking for the good place, than to wake up stunned after a terrible night.

Stay clean and dry

This applies not only to you, but also to your tent and sleeping bag. The tents tend to be filled with some foliage and small natural elements and particles, which may start to bother you at some point. In addition, when it comes to your own comfort, being clean and dry is actually a key component to enjoying a pleasant night’s rest. Unwashed sweat tends to make you feel cold and stay cold no matter what you do. You can find a lake to wash yourself in (during the summer it can also be refreshing). During the winter, try to avoid excessive sweating in the first place.

Of course, camping in tents is not just sleeping. What also matters is how you spend your evenings and mornings in your store.

Kitchen equipment

To cool off in the morning, consider packing a small kitchen if your day can not start without coffee or tea. Make sure you turn on the stove outside the store. You can still stay in it, in the entrance, while taking care of the boiling water. Mornings in the desert are definitely different from those in your home, but try to consider all the elements that make your morning more enjoyable.

Also, do not forget that to boil water you will also need kitchen equipment: pots or pans and, of course, some utensils. Of course, along with your cooking stove, do not forget to pack as many fuel containers as you deem appropriate. Small propane containers can last 60 minutes of cooking.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Also, if you also use the stove for cooking, this means that your pots and dishes will be dirty when you have finished. You do not want to attract hungry wild animals to your camp, so you’ll have to wash the pots when you’re done eating. You can use containers to carry water and immediately wash the pots, or if you are camping near the water, you can clean them there.

If you plan to eat fatty foods, you may need to take some detergent or dishwashing liquid. Optionally, you can prepare a special cloth to clean the pots and pans with it. Keep in mind that this does not eliminate the smell of food leftovers, so place the cloth in a plastic bag with a zipper to isolate the odors and not attract insects and animals.

As for the additional items, make a list of the kitchen utensils and pots that you want to use.

Preparing the baggage

While it is obvious that we all rely on soap to keep us clean, toothbrush and toothpaste to maintain hygiene, or bath towels to keep us dry, people tend to forget about these items. We have probably become so used to them, that we take them for granted and when we go on a trip we realize that we simply can not live without them and that our regime and our habits deviate.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

If you do not want to be taken by surprise, prepare all kinds of toiletries, creams, tissues or toilet paper, soap, shampoo, baby wipes for freshness, toothbrushes and pastes, different types of towels and cloths to stay clean and dry. cosmetics that you use regularly, sunscreen and lip balm with UV protection, and any other similar item without which you can not live. In your head, review the daily routines you usually perform and check if you have forgotten something and add them.

You can also think of things to kill time or use when you get bored (and can not go hiking), such as books, games, paper and pencils to draw or write, and anything else you can enjoy doing in your free time.

In addition to all these categories, you will definitely need plastic bags to dispose of garbage items. You will need another bag for your (des) used cooking equipment. Do not forget the first aid kit. He has always needed items such as bandages, pads, adhesive tapes, etc. for minor scratches and injuries.

The light

Sleeping in a tent is no different than sleeping in your van or caravan, you may need light at night. While your caravan has a built-in power grid, your store does not have it. So do not forget the light sources like flashlights, torches or flashlights. Even the favorite lighthouse of the survivors is a great option. In addition, it occupies less space, and is insignificantly heavy. If you plan to use it a lot, prepare enough batteries in case you need them.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Optionally, you can place lamps outside the store that could continue working during the night, so that people (especially children) can go to the bathroom quickly. Children tend to be unable to hold, so they have to run quickly out of the store. It is much easier to have a lamp on outside than having to go through the problem of finding the torch or flashlight in the dark.


Staying in a tent, and not your minivan or caravan can be different in terms of clothing. While you are camping in a tent you may experience that the store alone will not keep you warm. Therefore, to keep you safe and warm, it is better to bring some extra clothes and make sure you do not miss anything. Even if you do not use them, you will know that you left home prepared. After all, the tent is not for everyone and is a little more challenging.

Lift the store beforehand

Most people without experience think that if they buy a tent it will be like a children’s game to throw it. Unfortunately, you will be disappointed that launching the tent can take a lot of time and nerves before you can finally relax in it. Do not automatically assume that manufacturers are making tents that can be set up for 5 minutes. To keep the tents compact and light, they also need more time to launch.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

For this reason, it is absolutely necessary that you practice launching the tent in advance, at home or in your garden. Or in the nearby park. Make sure it is not completely reliable, if you can not configure it the first time. Also, keep in mind that most stores require at least two people to assemble the store together. A person will only go through too many problems to put together a tent, unless it is a tent for a single person. These are easy and are designed to be launched by an individual.

Organization of the store

While we are still on the subject of tents, you must organize in advance what will be placed where. For example, where will be the beds, where the luggage, boots, clothes, etc. It may take time, but if you practice at home it can be faster at the camp site.

When it comes to boots, do not place them directly inside the store, as they can smell bad and, of course, leave dirt behind. Place them in plastic bags before placing them inside the store. While in the store, keep the food in plastic bags too so they do not emit any odor. Not only can bring animals and insects, but the general smell of food within the small space of the store is not very attractive.

Tent Camping Tips: Have A Great Time While Camping

Also, before going to sleep, do not leave anything that belongs to you outside the store. This includes chairs, tables, clothes, food, toys, etc. Look carefully before entering the store and make sure nothing is left.

In addition, the ethics of the motorhome include keeping the area clean and not contaminating it with tissues, toilet paper, food scraps, beer cans, etc. This means that either you leave the place now or you simply go to bed. You must follow the code of ethics.

Going back to the tent, when you go to sleep, make sure you have visited the bathroom, brushed your teeth and followed your hygienic habits. Then, do not forget to compress all the store’s entrances, or the animals and insects can find an interesting phenomenon to explore. When it comes to insects, they can crawl in the store through the smallest hole. This includes mosquitoes, which can be very persistent in the camps.

And finally, as we indicated above, keep in mind that the same area will be used by other campers who want to enjoy the place as you did. This is the reason why you should be respectful of the place and your camping partners after you. Keep an eye on your garbage, store it in one place and dispose of it once you return to civilization. Leave the place as if you had never been there.


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