Terrasi – dried pasta from fermented shrimps

Fermentation as a method of cooking is a very effective process. You can take a little bit of it. But, unfortunately, it’s not a problem. But there is a way out. For example, they thought of additionally drying shrimp mass. Called this dish terrasi (terasi or even trassi).

Written references to this dish are given to the kingdom of Sunda, which has been listed in the 13th century. This method has not been survived. Although the kingdom has been existed since the 700s of our era. But these are details.

Terrasi was made from both small shrimps and fish. Moreover, preparations began immediately, as soon as the catch was caught. Fermenting fish It is a fact that it can make it. It is a lot of crushed and laid out to dry.

One of the recipe options terrasi as follows

  • 1 kg shrimp or small fish
  • 200 grams of salt
  • natural food colors

Shrimps are thoroughly washed before it was ground stone with stones. Water can be added to facilitate the cooking process. At this stage, recipes diverge. The processes are more intense. Place the resulting mass in gauze and squeeze out excess water. The result will be something like a test. This will be what you need for the continuation of the fermentation processes. Briquettes or thin strips, as you prefer. After that, it’s a bit more conspicuous. It will take at least a week.

There is an alternative method of cooking terrasi, which turns out to be more powder or flour than paste. At the same time, it is dried and only then crushed. And when they were crushed, it was under direct sunlight. It is practically none? After all, the cooking process is needed for the fermentation process. Yes, and boiled chitin is absorbed no better than raw nonfermented.

Terrasi They are often used in traditional Indonesian cuisine. It can be stored for a long time, especially if you avoid contact with water. This is a recipe for us.

Survival Menu: Terérasi &# 8212; dried pasta from fermented shrimp

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