Terrorism, house bombings and street bombings, basic preventive and safety measures.

Unfortunately, terrorism is also a sign of our recent history, which we had never heard of before, but now we have heard. International terrorism is a large-scale phenomenon. Over the past ten years, more than seven thousand cases of terrorism have been registered in the world. Almost no countries escaped the attacks. The explosions sounded in London, Paris, Tel Aviv … Moscow … Hence, knowledge of the methods of counter-terrorism struggle ceases to be useless. 

Terrorism, house bombings and street bombings, basic preventive and safety measures.

House bombings.

Let’s start small with basements and attics, which in the vast majority of our homes are wide open. I don’t want to come in! Now we need to do so that they did not want to. Why do we have to offer the jack to hang the locks on the surviving doors, and fix the broken ones. Better yet, replace with iron ones. Only the doors should be strong, the locks are serious, which can not be knocked down in one stroke. After all, you do not close cellars from children, but from terrorists, who are mostly strong men.

drive away from your home. Which in itself is very good. Now a few recommendations for the worst case. Because from Sumy, prison, and now terrorism is not a promise. If explosions were heard and your apartment was at least relatively, but remained intact, immediately move away from the window. Window plates are less durable than wall plates. But most importantly, dangerous debris can fall and fly into the apartment from above.

There are more chances to survive in the rubble of a blown up house than in exactly the same house that collapsed during the earthquake. If only because all the forces of the rescuers and all the equipment, which during large-scale earthquakes will be thrown on the blown up house; can not be. So you can be calm you will not be forgotten. Bandage the wounds, knock on the pipes, and you will certainly be saved. They cannot help but save. Because optimists are always saved. I will mention less catastrophic explosions. Which seem less dangerous because they don’t talk about them on the front pages of newspapers..

Street explosions.

In fact, explosions in the streets are more dangerous, as they happen more often, and in total much more people die in them. Petty terrorism is no less dangerous. Its harder to predict. If only because imperceptibly carrying a few hundred grams of TNT is easier than the hundreds of kilograms needed to blow up a house. Most often, for laying the hellish machines are used, speaking the official language, public places: cinema and theater halls, train stations, discos, shops, restaurants, schools, clinics, stadiums, public transport. In general, so that as many people as possible are on the smallest territory. So that you don’t waste it.

It is advisable not to visit these places during periods of surge in terrorism. It’s better to stay at home, where small terror doesn’t reach you. The most dangerous explosions in confined spaces. There a blast wave and fragments “work” repeatedly. There are several rules to combat small terrorism. The most important thing is not to go wherever you ask. Or a more intelligible curious Varvara head torn off. Do not have the habit of looking into orphan bags, bags, “diplomats”, wallets and cars. It is possible that there is an explosive device, wary of such a curious simpleton. You grab the handles or lift the lid of the “diplomat”, and a tightly pulled thread pulls the pin from the fuse.

And that’s all. And one less curious. Remember the death of journalist Kholodov. He also only opened the “diplomat.” So let’s get around suspicious bags. And report them to the police. To save the other curious. If someone crawls into a suspicious bag with you, warn him of a possible danger and ask him to wait a few seconds so that you can move away. Or move for some shelter to a wall, column, pillar.

In an extreme case, move behind the onlookers who are watching the actions of an amateur pyrotechnician, stand sideways, close with a briefcase. Yes, I understand that finding a bomb is one chance in a thousand. I really want to open that very “diplomat”. But suddenly this is the one thousandth chance? No, it’s better to be an alarmist than a dead man. I’m telling you exactly.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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