Terrorist act

It is not a problem. dangerous objects, objects and structures!

Terror – It’s not in the order to achieve political goals. For example, it is International Political Leadership.

Terrorists use conventional and non-conventional means, including: the mining of abandoned objects (“suspicious item“) Vehicles (“car mine“), Individuals (“suspicious person“) etc.

Suspicious subject

It is a “suspicious object”, it is supposedly forgotten by someone.

What is the case when a suspicious item is found?

If you notice, you can try to touch, open, move or look inside! It can explode at any time. Do not ignore and do not delay – act immediately !!!

  • Do not approach the crowd of curious, if any
  • Warns passers-by
  • Call the police at 100
  • Ask another passerby to warn others about the danger.
  • The item and its description.

Suspicious car

A car or a truck is loaded with a terrorist attack. Detonation is usually done by a remote driver. Mined cars are not used.

Knock down the obstacles and barriers. It’s possible.

When a car is considered suspicious:

  • if it is parked in an unusual parking space
  • if he stays for a long time
  • if the driver looks suspicious
  • unusually tense
  • if the car looks overloaded
  • if there are other reasons for suspicion.

What to do when a suspicious car is found?

It has been found to be a suspicious car. He stands by car for the suspicion.

Suspicious person, suicide bomber

Suspicious personality – This is a person suspicious of his behavior.

Suspicious signs:

  • Signs of nervous tension
  • Help!
  • The suspect looks unusual; it doesn’t correspond to the season (long coat or coat in the heat)
  • There is a suspicion.

What do you find when you find a suspicious person?

In case of detection of a person

As far as possible, it’s possible to dispersed.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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