Terrorist attack in Almaty: Causes, recommendations

After terrorist attack in Aktobe It if suddenly

It’s been a little time when it’s spentif what“. And here on you – yesterday terrorist attack in Almaty

I will say this – I do not consider myself an expert. Those, unfortunately, are very few in Kazakhstan. I’m a number of in-depth courses, in particular, high-risk / high-risk conditions. But I’m not so satisfied with my answers.

It is the time of the vigilant. No, no, no, no, no, no. Just be sensible. The “yellow” level of threat flashes in the subconscious.

Questions about the terrorist attack in Almaty

I will try to answer briefly, but I will try to answer the number of points:

1. “It is reported that it’s impossible,”

Perhaps even as possible. Moreover, the briefing materials confirm this, his route is known and calculated. Next, I will prove that one could. But I am not the authority claiming that he was alone.

2. “Our police are unprofessional and completely unprepared.”

I do not agree. It so happens terrorist attack in Almaty I drove past the police. Everything is smooth, without fuss. As well as tactical training from employees PPP It will never be sufficient. In general, the police undergo annual testing. Another thing is that the conditions for shooting in “comfortable” conditions. PM-1 clearly insufficient.

3. “The police are dressed in inconsistencies, holsters are different …”

Everything is simple. Procurement is a heterogeneous procurement act. Every year, different suppliers, different manufacturers. However, being different in design, ALL body armor is standardized by class. Have the police They are 2 classes, designed for a gun. I am not ballistic, for example.

Most of the patrol officers used to be on the alert. It is probable that there is a possibility of that.

Regarding the holster – a separate sad topic. Tactical half-open holster nominally equipped only Spn. PPP It has a standard leather (white or brown) closed type with a valve. It allows you to comfortably carry a gun, and even a sandwich, but it is completely unsuitable for instant retrieval. And it’s not in the chamber. return fire no need to say …

4. Terrorist as a shooter – a clear “pro”

I do not quite understand when the terrorist they are considered a moving and holding a weapon. It will help you. He knows exactly how to handle AK. It’s not possible to teach them. Unless even of course Spn, they do not teach in-depth machine skills.

Suppose that terrorist He also had experience with the gun. Not everyone can get at a distance of 5-10 meters. But he is definitely not a pro. But his level is

Summarizing the first four questions about the attack

So, I ask everyone to stop accusing employees of non-professionalism – they acted not only professionally, but also selflessly.

See below. terrorist arrow, who killed 5 police officers in Dallas. We’ve discussed it today.

What are the conclusions?

Yes, terrorist prepared, however, and officers also tall. Of course, it has been repeatedly wondered in Iraq. The car fleet remember terrorist attack in Paris – There wasn’t time for the shelter. The same thing happened with the pursuers yesterday. the terrorist Buranovtsami.

A striker always has ONE indisputable advantage – suddenness factor.

And of course, the officers, even a standard exercise. PM-1, The reflexes are reflexes. And then they don’t even get back to response.

I think we deal with professionalism now the terrorist – video footage shot of the driver Mergen prohant. Just compare it with at least the previous video …

I repeat it, but I repeat it. you need to do something …

Ahead ahead:

5. “But he is just a repeat offender,”

He has even the motives are unimportant. What he did in Almatyterrorist attack, accordingly he terrorist, he is a plus in the piggy bank police officers.

6. “We’ve got a lot of chaos everywhere,” He also shot (usually offensive epithets are used here) … “

I think I’m not a comment on this, moreover,

7. RHETORIC: “What did you do?”

Well, part of the advice I gave yesterday. The number of reposts, it seemed to be practical. I will add only the following …

If the red level of terrorist threat

Be careful if you happen to drive by car during “Red” mode, go through the main streets. Attendance of the vehicle in progress, keep the center line. If the streets are deserted, maintain high speed. It is not a problem.

In the case of a girl who got caught on the road terrorist, do not slow down your car.

It is ready to be cleaned, it is ready to go.

Realize your plan for a terrorist attack, which, of course, must be registered in advance. Collect in advance (if still not assembled) disturbing suitcase.

If you’re on your way, you’ll be strong. Think with what and where to evacuate. Keep track of your situation.

Yellow or green level

Sit down and meet your neighbors in advance. Go to the store, get everything you need, especially for a couple of days. Spend money on the long stay. Calculate alternative routes to this place.

Live quietly, but be careful, avoid crowds. Everywhere you go, you can find out where to go. Park your backside so that you can drive out in one maneuver. Do not use elevators, walk, keep fit. With your place of work …

Sign up for courses – there are such companies in Almaty. Read the literature, think, accept how carefree you live. Bangs us be ready.

Finally I may have already been bothered about it – BUY A GUN. Legally, legally. Complete the course.

It will not make you “rambo” or “killer”, no. This is not a call for militarization. Moreover, I’m sure you’re a calmer and more sympathetic.

Kindness is the lot of the strong. Remember, together we are power. You will become a victim of justice. You will not climb on the rampage with a fucking camera, and even more so nonsense. This is your right – be ready. Well, if gun you can get it out of the safe, whip the web and go through the course. Well, if you practice regularly and weapon you are in order, come to our competition …

And, of course, it is a speedy recovery. Guys fighters Spn, which I know personally – peace and good. For our part, we will try to help you in your hard work.

Thank you all.

P.S. Attempts lawmakers to zoo after terrorist attack in Aktobe I consider it in vain, because the weapon falls into the hands of terrorists.

Self defense

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