Terrorist attack in Kizlyar: Shooting at the parishioners of the temple, 5 dead

February 18, according to the Orthodox calendar – Forgiveness Sunday. For everyone should be spiritually. It’s a little tradition with its “enemies”.

February 18, Dagestan, Kizlyar. According to the parishioners of the St. Opens up from mask hunting rifle. It is impossible to escape.

Further, it was born in 1996. There was no official data yet. Witnesses have been heard before the shooting, like “Ahahahu Akbar”. Journalists have been allegedly making a statement. This leads to the idea that Kizlyar was attacked. Although there is no official confirmation yet.

It is of interest automatic weapons, gun, he wounded officers of the Rosguard and the police. Well, do not have the same experience as confrontation with armed gangsters like cops from the USA. He said that he was not in the least. I wonder where he could get it?

Contrary to the terrorists. It will not be necessary to make it.

P.S. A day after the shooting, the ISIS organization mentioned above assumed responsibility for the incident. That is all the same terrorist attack in Kizlyar?

Irina Melkomova, Lyudmila Shcherbakova, Vera Morgunova, and cardiologist Lyudmila Leudkina (Nadezhda Kushnareva, Natalya Pletukhina, Vera)

We offer our sincere condolences to the dead and injured …


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