Terrorist attack in Paris: Car rammed a group of military, 6 wounded

As expected, the new terrorist tactics with the banal ram crowd vehicle, once again worked. But this time – in Paris, where there were many immigrants from Syria. This was the case. counter-terrorist units. That is, it’s the very same guys who are prevented such events. And now the details.

August 9th Paris. Suburb Levallois Perret. At about 9 in the morning. A group of barracks to change duty. Meanwhile, it accelerates and flies into the crowd. 6 people injured, three severely. The attacker is hiding from the scene.

And what are the other soldiers doing? No, they do not open fire on the car. They do not do ANYTHING. Only cause help and provide first aid to victims. It’s not. Great, right? Well at least the signs of the vehicle remembered. The French Army is already on duty with a weapon? Or get it only after? If I’m not allowed to

But in the north of France, in the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. And here they were not ashamed to open fire. The terrorist was wounded, taken to hospital. He was a citizen of france Hamu bashir. He worked in everything. The most ordinary Muslim who has been “crush the infidels in the name of Allah.” And during this time, about 230 people have already such attacks.

But the most interesting is the public reaction. We’re dissolve our anti-terrorist units, because they provoke terrorists to attack“It’s not always a good idea.” It’s not a problem.

But the interests of the Islamists are in the very very taken. It would be a lot of aggression against Muslims. This is the logic of the French liberals. And given that Mr. It can be predicted. I’d have to.

Well, it will be in France, it’s not a problem. This is where the other countries will react to. It is a little bit far in the world. hush up crimes “Innocent refugees”.


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