Terrorist attacks and terrorists

In the end of the day, it’s time to go ahead. For the self-defense.

Recommendations for the public

Anomalous device
Crowd behavior
Hostage taking
Actions under the threat of committing a terrorist act

Recommendations for officials

When an object is resembling an explosive device
When there is a phone act
When there is a terrorist act in writing
When hostages are taken by terrorists

Recommendations for the public

Anomalous device

lt; gt; Recently, there have often been explosive devices. These items are found in transport, on staircases, and public places. How to behave when they are detected? What actions to take? Lt; /
lt; gt;

If the object is detected, it should not be disregard this fact.

If you find a forgotten or abandoned thing in public transport, interview people nearby. Try to establish her left. The driver is not installed.

If you find your house, ask your neighbors, perhaps it belongs to them. If your owner is not installed – report immediately.

If you find an item in the facility, or guard.


  1. Do not touch, do not approach, suspicious object! Do not smoke, refrain from radio communications, including mobile, near the subject.
  2. Immediately report to the law enforcement agencies on these phones.
  3. Record the time and place of detection.
  4. Free radius of at least 100m.
  5. If possible, secure the suspicious object and the danger zone.
  6. It’s necessary to ensure that it’s possible.
  7. If you are a lawyer of law, it’s
  8. Further act as directed by law enforcement representatives.
  9. It is not necessary to make a statement.
  10. There is a risk that the object detects dangerous objects or hazards.
  11. It is not up to you to instruct persons.
  12. It is a device. There is a large number of people who can use it. of communications. It may look like an explosive device (grenade, mine, projectile, etc.); wiring, rope, electrical tape, tape can stick up; ticking of clockwork, mechanical buzzing, other sounds; almond smell or other unfamiliar smell. When guarding a suspicious object, keep, if possible, keep objects behind the protection (corner of a building, column, thick tree, car, etc.) and observe.

Its real purpose. Camouflage for explosive devices: bags, packages, boxes, toys, etc.

Parents! You are responsible for your children. It may be dangerous. It can be used to ensure that there are numerous victims and victims.

Receiving evacuation information

It is a fact that it’s not a problem.
Be sure to follow and follow their instructions clearly.
If you are in an apartment, follow these steps:

  • Take personal documents, money, valuables;
  • Turn off electricity, water and gas;
  • Assist in the evacuation of the elderly and seriously ill people;
  • This will protect you from the rest of the building.

Do not allow panic, tantrums and haste. Leave the room in an orderly manner. Return to the abandoned room. Remember that you’ll depend on your actions.

Crowd behavior

  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Do not join the crowd.
  • If you’re in a crowd, you can’t get it out of it.
  • This is where your rib cage is not squeezed.
  • Strike out of the box with bulky items and large bags.
  • Try to stay on your feet by any means.
  • Do not keep hands in pockets.
  • Do not mince, do not stand on the tiptoe.
  • It is a rainy day.
  • If something is dropped, in no case bend down to pick it up.
  • If you fall, try to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Do not lean on your hands (they will be crushed or broken). Try even for a moment to stand on the soles or on the toes. Having found support, “emerge”, sharply pushed off from the ground by feet.
  • If you can not get up, keep your head down, keep it up, keep it up.
  • Once you are in the crowded room, you can’t to by him.
  • It ‘s the easiest way to get there.
  • Try to keep the situation.
  • Do not join the rally “for the sake of interest.” First, find out if it is not sanctioned, for which people are speaking up.
  • Do not join unregistered organizations. Participation in the activities of such organizations may incur criminal penalties.
  • During the riots, try the participants, both participants and viewers. You can get there.

Hostage taking

By any coincidence, anyone can be held hostage by criminals. In this case, criminals can achieve political goals, ransom, etc. In all cases, your life becomes the subject of bargaining for terrorists. Capture can occur in transport, in an institution, on the street, in an apartment.

If you are a hostage

  • unexpected terror repulsed by terrorists Do not allow casual casualties;
  • get ready for terrorists to use eye patch, gags, handcuffs or ropes
  • it’s not necessary to see it;
  • Trying to disarm the bandit;
  • if you are taken, do not resist;
  • If you are a bullet, if you are close;
  • If necessary, follow the demands of the criminals;
  • Do you need to get permission?

Remember: your goal is to stay alive

Be careful how you can find out how to use them, how to use them, how to use them.

It is necessary to make it possible for you to release.

During the operation of your release, you should carefully observe the following requirements:

  • do not move;
  • It can take you a criminal offense;
  • If possible, stay away from the door and window openings.

If you are a hostage, you are treated.

  • Keep calm and composure. Determine what is happening
  • It corresponds to the decision of the superior forces of terrorists.
  • Do not resist. This may entail even more cruelty.
  • Be on your guard. Focus your attention on sounds, movements, etc.
  • Engage in mental exercises.
  • Get ready for “Spartan” living conditions:
  • inadequate food and living conditions;
  • inadequate toilet facilities.
  • If possible, be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene.
  • If you have any health problems, make sure you ask for medical assistance or medication.
  • Be prepared to explain that you have any documents, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Do not let your mind weaken. Develop a program of possible exercises (both mental and physical). Constantly train your memory: your names, phone numbers, etc. How far is it?
  • If you can read personal care products, etc.

    Do not shout, do not shout, do not shout, do not shout, do not shout, do not shout. Try to establish contact with the guards. Explain yourself. Show them pictures of your family members. Do not try to deceive them.

    If you are a guards

    Be sure to keep track of your time of use on the wall past days.

    If you find yourself locked in any room, then try to get someone’s attention. If you’re looking for more information, it’s possible to break the window glass and bring it closer.

    Never lose hope for a happy outcome. Remember, you have to save

    Use of air transport

    • If possible, try to take a seat.
    • Minimize registration time.
    • Stay close to any shelters and exit.
    • Examine nearby passengers, pay attention to their behavior.
    • Discuss with family members in a standard airplane hijacking situation.
    • Try out to visit the airport security zone.
    • Immediately inform baggage or suspicious activities.

    In case of an attack on airport

    • Use any available shelter.
    • Fall even into the dirt, do not run.
    • Close your head and turn away from the side of the attack.
    • If you are not completely sure of the effectiveness of such actions.

    When a plane is seized by terrorists

    • Imagine possible scenarios and your possible behavior in doing so. Do not jump, stay in a chair. Do not enter into a group of terrorists, do not try to make it out.
    • Get over the humiliations and insults that terrorists can be subject to you.
    • Doors do not discuss with terrorists.
    • Avoid anything that may draw attention to you.
    • If you are not expressing your passengers, you must not be able to express your order. Can flash it out.
    • Do not drink liquor.
    • Whatever happens, do not try to intercede for the crew members. Your intervention can only complicate the situation.
    • Never resent the actions of the pilots. The crew is always right. Order flight attendant.
    • Do not believe the terrorists. They can say anything,
    • Behave with dignity. Think not only about yourself, but about other.
    • If you look at all the passengers at this fact. The terrorists.
    • If it’s possible, you can’t get a result.
    • If you are a rescuer, you can’t make it. are allowed to rise.
    • Security forces
    • Leave the plane as soon as possible. Do not stop to find personal items.
    • In the future, the details of what happened. Save your own time.

    Actions under the threat of committing a terrorist act

    • Always control the situation around you, especially when you are at the transport facilities, cultural, entertainment, sports and shopping centers.
    • Find out what you’ve forgotten about. Do not try to look at a suspicious package, box, or other object.
    • Do not pick up ownerless things.
    • Explosives can be camouflaged in them (in beer cans, cell phones, etc.).
    • Do not kick objects lying on the ground.
    • If it’s not possible, I’m mistaken for the enemy.
    • When it is under fire, immediately under cover (curb, trading tent, car, etc.).
    • For greater security, cover your head with your hands. Accidentally learning.

    The terrorist act

    When an object is resembling an explosive device

    (a) Preventive measures (preventive measures): Territory compliance and security systems;

    • Suspicious objects; Daily bypass and inspect;
    • Carefully check incoming property, goods, equipment, equipment, equipment, etc.
    • Conduct a thorough selection of staff, especially in the field of maintenance and repair, attendants (on duty, repairmen, cleaners, etc.);
    • Develop a plan for the evacuation of visitors, staff and victims;
    • Prepare a means of alerting visitors;
    • Clarify the task of the facility during evacuation;
    • There is a possibility for the local government to provide security and security services.
    • It is clear that you can
    • Law enforcement agencies;
    • Arrange parking places no closer than 100 m from crowded places;
    • There are ways to ensure that there is no provision for storage facilities, garbage containers, urns, etc .;
    • Free service premises, stairwells, rooms where technical installations are located from unnecessary items;
    • Free shipping of scaffolding and metal debris;
    • If possible, install waste containers outside the buildings of the facility;
    • It is necessary to notify you of any kind of body.

    b) Actions when detecting an object (WU):

    • Signs that may indicate the presence of OS:
    • The presence of wires, ropes, electrical circuits;
    • Suspicious sounds, clicks, ticking of watches made by the subject;
    • Emanates from the object.
  • Reasons for concern:
    • Finding suspicious persons before finding this item;
    • Threats in person, by phone or in mail.
    • When there is a phone act

      a) Preventive measures (preventive measures):

      • Threats and a terrorist act. Do not go into a panic. Be sober and polite, do not interrupt the speaker. If you have a tape recorder, record your conversation.
      • It was a clear question.

      b) Actions on receiving a telephone message:

      • Respond to every incoming phone call;
      • On the incoming phone call;
      • If necessary, evacuate people according to the evacuation plan;
      • To ensure the smooth operation of the team, dog handlers, etc .;
      • To ensure that you are in the process of obtaining a copyright.

      Be calm, polite, do not interrupt the speaker. Turn on the tape recorder (if it is connected to the phone). It is a record of the conversation. Do not hang up the phone at the end of the conversation !!!

      Sample questions:

      1. When can an explosion be carried out?
      2. Where is the bomb set?
      3. What is it like?
      4. How does it look externally?
      5. Is there anywhere else an explosive device?
      6. What is the bomb for?
      7. What are your requirements?
      8. Are you alone with anyone?

      When there is a terrorist act in writing

      There are various types of materials that can be used to write. At the same time, it is necessary to follow the rules for handling anonymous materials.
      Preventive measures (preventive measures):

      • Careful review, meeting, diskettes;
      • Particular attention should be paid to parcels, parcels, large packaging, cases, packaging, etc., including advertising brochures. The assassination of the terrorist act.

      When hostages are taken by terrorists

      a) Preventive measures (preventive measures):
      There are no restrictions on the nature and nature of various purposes. In addition, the staff of the organization should not be instructed and trained in such situations. It will help you to reduce the size of the organization.
      b) Actions during the hostage taking:

      • The numbers should be immediately reported;
      • On their own initiative, do not enter into negotiations with terrorists;
      • It is not necessary that there should be a conflict with the rules of the law.
      • Ensure unimpeded travel and security forces;
      • There are no problems for you and for your business.

      If you become aware of the crime, immediately inform yourself of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

      Sources of material – EMERCOM of Russia and the FSB of Russia

      Terrorist attacks and terrorists

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