The affected area and the effectiveness of the shot

It is possible to believe that it is a caliber to shoot?

Of course, there is a difference between the scales associated with tissue damage, bullet size, speed, etc. So why is there a difference in caliber? Look at the body.

Simply put, the torso is divided in half. Waste disposal occurs below the solar plexus, and the body is enriched with oxygen is higher. As soon as possible, either we may need to reduce our central nervous system. The spine is the luster of the spine. All major veins are concentrated in this area, above the solar plexus. This is the best target.

Why this anatomy lesson?

The training of targets. They’re not the middle of the liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys. No, of course, our goal is not that bad.

Even with these injuries, the threat is still a threat. It’s not possible to understand it. It is a fact that it’s not.

This is where the anatomy comes to the rescue. It was a short period of time for stopping the attacker.

If you are a shooter, you must be the highest.

Rifle training

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