The basics of equipment for hunting cartridges at home and the independent manufacture of ammunition for hunting weapons.

In specialized stores it is not difficult to purchase many already equipped hunting cartridges of a fairly wide range. They give a battle no lower than average and on some hunts turn out to be quite acceptable. Some hunters can use factory cartridges all their lives without experiencing any particular inconvenience.. 

The basics of equipment for hunting cartridges at home and the independent manufacture of ammunition for hunting weapons.

However, it is almost impossible to get the optimal shotgun battle by shooting purchased cartridges. This is due to the fact that there are no guns with exactly the same trunks. Differences in barrel parameters, both due to the type of gun and due to tolerances in their manufacture, lead to the fact that the best fight from a particular gun can be obtained only as a result of careful equipment of hunting cartridges and long shooting.

“short-range” cartridges are needed, and when hunting geese or flying ducks, on the contrary, “long-range” ones. Cartridges for winter and summer hunting, etc. are distinguished. And, of course, you can’t rely on a “medium” shot when hunting a large, and even more dangerous, beast.

Almost always it is necessary to equip cartridges on their own for owners of small-caliber guns (28, 32), since their release in finished form is poorly adjusted. The same applies to the owners of rifles of calibers that are not produced now (24, 10). Thus, the vast majority of hunters are faced, to one degree or another, with the need to equip hunting cartridges at home.

The process of equipping hunting cartridges, operations.

Obviously, the skills of independent equipment for hunting cartridges are necessary for every hunter. Cartridges for smoothbore guns are equipped with individual elements (capsules, gunpowder, wads, shots) purchased in stores or manufactured independently. The industry produces everything that is necessary for the equipment of hunting cartridges.

The manufacture of capsules, cartridges, smokeless powder at home is almost impossible, but self-made wads or cast bullets are often found, and their quality is often higher than that of purchased.

When equipping cartridges, it must be remembered that their individual elements (gunpowder, capsules) have a limited period of use. If for the equipment of cartridges we have a complete set of new elements not previously used, then the process of equipment is reduced, as a rule, to the following operations:

1. Insert capsule.
2. Weighing and measuring the powder charge and filling it into sleeves.
3. Installation of gaskets (gaskets) on gunpowder and powder wads (wad).
4. Measuring (weighing) the shot shell and filling it into the sleeve, or laying in the cartridge case or installing a bullet.
5. Installation of shot wad.
6. Twist the free edge of the sleeve of the sleeve (for paper and plastic sleeves) or fasten the shot wad with glue, wax, etc. (for metal sleeves).

In some cases, certain operations may not be performed. For example, the installation of a shot wad when pressing the barrel of the sleeve with an asterisk. If used cartridges are used, then other operations are added to the equipment process: initial inspection, cleaning, and, if necessary, calibration and completion of cartridges, removal of used capsules.

At the end of the equipment, all cartridges should be carefully inspected. Defective cartridges (if any) should be discarded, and then pack the rest for storage and transportation. It is advisable, of course, to carry out a control firing of part of the cartridges to verify their battle.

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Rudenko F.A., Semashko V.Yu., Cherenkov S.E., Matyunin M.M..

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