The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

Even if the world has evolved and these days we enjoy spending our holiday camp or just lying in the sun and spending time with our families, we still have the hunter gene buried deep in us. The thrill of hunting is deeply codified in our brains since hunting was the basic occupation (and probably the first) that our ancestors had. They needed food and something to cover their naked and fragile bodies and, through hunting, they were able to cover these basic needs.

For thousands of years, before they discovered agriculture and the domestication of animals, hunting was their only way of providing food for their families, so even today, they feel the emotion that runs through their veins when it is cold. hunting rifle.

This is also one of the main reasons why hunting is still one of our favorite sports today. We still remember the adrenaline of accumulating prayer, cornering it and finally leaving it.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

Now, if we manage to put him in a hunting mood (hopefully), we are going to stir up this discussion towards hunting rifles, because we know that all good hunters love to praise with their gun. To be more specific, today we are going to discuss deer hunting rifles. Regardless of your level of experience, each hunter must find the best deer rifle that will help him win the largest trophy that exists.

The deer is harder to catch than a rabbit or a squirrel. It can be bigger (what is not necessary means that it is easier to hit it) but it is more agile and careful with the environment. She is also a fighter (well, the male is) and if you miss the shot you can find yourself facing a pair of angry horns. You do not want to go hunting deer and go home empty-handed and with horn holes in your pants.

Going back to our main theme today, the best deer rifle, you should know that each hunter is different. That is why, before buying your own deer rifle, you should study the market a little. To make your decision a little easier, we put together a small list with the most popular rifles that exist.

The most popular deer rifles among hunters.

If you are a beginner, you can live under the impression that a hunter only has a rifle to hunt deer. Well, if you’re not the type of person who travels a lot and hunts in the same area most of the time, then this may be true, but hunters love to explore and discover new terrains and types of prayer.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

They need a new challenge as they gain more experience. That’s why they get the rifle according to the hunt.

Features to keep in mind when buying your first rifle.

Being a beginner is difficult in any domain; You really do not know what’s going on and you have no idea what tools work for what purpose. When you are a beginner hunter, all you know is that you will need a gun to shoot with something. Well, it’s not that simple; There are many weapons out there and many malicious merchants that are ready to cheat you in a so-called “good business”.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

Here is a small list with some tips that will help you choose a decent deer hunting rifle:

  • The caliber – It is very important because you need a certain caliber to suffocate a deer. Small caliber rifles are perfect for a more experienced shooter because they require perfect precision. They’ll put the deer in the blink of an eye, but you’ll have to shoot to kill. A larger gauge leaves room for error, which makes them more suitable for less experienced shooters.
  • The style – Each hunter has his own style of shooting, so there are several styles of rifles on the market. There are: single shot, lever action, semi-automatic, bomb and bolt action rifles.
  • The reaching – Many deer hunters prefer to hunt with a range attached to their rifle. In this way, they invest more in the scope that allows them to buy a cheaper rifle. This depends more on you. If you are a beginner, a good rifle and a good reach can be of great help in the forest.
  • The price – Your budget is as important as the caliber. We recommend starting with little and looking for the right hunting rifle. There is no need to invest a lot of money with your first rifle; There will be others with security.

These are the main features you should look for when buying a hunting rifle, but remember: a good hunter looks for the right rifle all his life. You need to find that rifle that is an extension of your body, the one that is so comfortable that you forget that you have it in your hands. Only then can you feel the true thrill of the hunt.

The Remington 700

It is a very popular rifle in the United States and it is the best deer hunting rifle that a beginner could have. The history of the Model 700 begins in 1962 and continues to this day when it is still being produced. The weapon looks sexy enough for a hunter to be proud of his acquisition and has a slight recoil and good precision that makes it ideal for beginners.

The Remington 700 is a pure American weapon produced by Remington Arms, a company with tradition in the United States that is active from 1816 to the present day. Their weapons are known throughout the world, as they sell, in addition to bolt action rifles such as the Model 700, semi-automatic and pumping action rifles and shotguns.

However, the Remington 700 is among the rifles that made history and this is due to its durability, precision and ease of use thanks to its unique shape and qualities.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

This model began as the preferred weapon of military snipers and ended up being one of the best deer hunting rifles on the market.

Budget: This incredible rifle can be found from $ 600 and up. Just make sure you’re really buying a Remington 700 and do not let anyone tempt you with lower prices. Anything that is below the market price is not a bargain, it’s just a bad gun.

You can add a good scope and start shooting or you can choose to add some of the aftermarket devices, but do not try too hard; The Remington already has a very sexy design and does not need much improvement.

The Light Stalker Browning BAR Mark II

This is a rifle that was not thought of as a weapon of war. No soldier used this weapon in combat, since it was created keeping in mind the needs of a hunter. The BAR Lightweight Stalker is one of the best automatic loaded deer hunting rifles on the market with amazing accuracy and reliability.

This is also a good rifle for beginners if you add a good range. The fact that it is operated by gas makes the recoil less strong, which helps with the accuracy of the shot. Every first shooter felt that the recoil was coming back, and if you’re not careful you can hurt yourself a lot, this is the main reason why novices prefer soft recoil pistols.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

We said that the rifle was built considering the needs of a hunter. To show that we have to inform you that this is a light and powerful rifle due to the aluminum alloy receiver and a steel bolt with a rotating head that fits directly into the barrel. As a hunter, you should be able to sneak into your prayer and carry a heavy weapon can be an impediment.

When it comes to caliber, this gun comes in 243 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, 270 Winchester, 308 Winchester, 30-06, 300 WSM, 270WSM, 338 Winchester Magnum and 7 mm WSM.

Other important features that this incredible rifle should have when you buy it: automatic gas loader, detachable case loader, multi-ear rotary bolt, recoil pad. The standard design is a matt black finish and the price usually ranges between $ 1000 and $ 1400.

The Marlin 336C

The Marlin 336C is one of the most popular deer hunting rifles of all time. This rifle manages to create an incredible balance between ease of use, firepower and portability like no other deer rifle. It has a 20-inch barrel with a 12-slot Micro-Groove rifle, moderate recoil and magazine capacity that allows the hunter to obtain fast and trouble-free prayer.

The Marlin 336C is a lever action rifle with a total length of 38.5 inches and a weight of approximately 7 pounds. It is very easy to mount a range at the top and, therefore, improve your hunting performance by at least 50%.

Other design features that make this rifle unique are the solid top receiver that is drilled for added strength and easy assembly, forged steel legs and thin corrugated, and American black walnut pistol grip material.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

The calibers used for the Marlin 336C are the .30-30 Winchester and the .35 Remington. Here opinions are divided: some hunters prefer the Remington .35 in their rifle and some hunters say that the .30-30 offers the perfect combination of recoil, trajectory, precision and destructive power. The truth is that .35 Remington is mainly used for big games like a boar or a bear.

There are two Marlin 336C models in the market:

  • The stainless steel finish that costs around $ 650;
  • The blue finish that costs around $ 530.

The American ruger

Another great American deer hunting rifle produced by a company with tradition! The Ruger American is a bolt-action rifle with very good precision and a great sale price (around $ 400 for a basic model).

The main features that make this Ruger an incredible hunting rifle are the following: an innovative bedding system with a good forged barrel with hammer, an adjustable trigger with handle, a perforated and threaded reach base, lightweight material and a action of three studs that runs very smooth directly from the shoulder (not many bolt guns do that).

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

With the affordable price and all these incredible features, I would say that the Ruger American is the rifle that any hunter dreams of. Well, this may be true if hunters were not so interested in aesthetics.

The Ruger American (the basic model) is not very attractive and, when you hold it for the first time, it does not make you want to shoot like other rifles do. It’s an amazing deer hunting rifle, but it does not look like it. If you are a type of “what is inside things,” then this is definitely the weapon for you.

Caliber: The American Ruger comes equipped with .243 Winchester, 30-06 Sprg, .270 Winchester and 308 Winchester.

The Weatherby Mark V

This rifle comes in two models: Accumark and Deluxe. the Weatherby Mark V Accumark It is a long bolt-action rifle that promotes precision, handling and workmanship (the main features of any Weatherby gun).

Another feature that makes this rifle the dream of any deer hunter is the elegant design. The Mark V Accumark has a very sexy contour with a hand-laminated composite material from Bell and Carlson, a patterned aluminum bedplate, a Krieger Criterion Krieger Criterie barrel in 24-inch matte stainless steel and a total length of 44 inches.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

The incredible performance of Weatherby is completed with the crown of mouth of the objective, the cushion of recoil of the Pachmayr decelerator, the receiver forged and mechanized with an integral recoil tongue and the activation mechanism adjustable by the user.

The price varies according to the caliber and you can see the difference in the following table:



Approximate weight.)


.Lapua 338

28 inches

9 pounds

$ 2000

.300 Weatherby Magnum

26 inches

8.75 pounds

$ 1800

.30-378 Weatherby Magnum

28 inches

9 pounds

$ 2000

the Weatherby Mark V Deluxe It promotes everything that made Weatherby legendary in the world of weapons. The Mark V Deluxe is an extremely beautiful hunting rifle with high-gloss bluish-barrel action, Claro walnut stock, fully tuned trigger, fine-line checkered patterns, visual cocking indicator, maple-grip and tip-inlay incrustation of the forearm.

The Mark V Deluxe model from Weatherby is available in the following calibers:

  • .22-250 to .460 Weatherby Magnum;
  • Standard long-range gauges such as .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .25-06, .280 Remington;
  • Ultra long range gauges: .257, .240, .270 Weatherby Magnum.

It is guaranteed that each Mark V Deluxe rifle will fire a group of three shots of 1.5 inches or more at 100 yards with high quality factory ammunition from a cold barrel. This type of precision can be achieved due to the crowns of the mouth of the radio field and the positive extraction of the cartridge, which allows to eject the fired boxes without pulling the screw backwards.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

The budget: depending on the caliber, the price ranges between $ 3000 and $ 4500. As you can see, the price does not make this beautiful weapon affordable for everyone, but it is a very smart investment once you decide to do it. The weapon is perfect and you can use Weatherby’s legendary performance in a beautiful carcass for life.

The Nosler M48 Patriot

If you’re not the type of hunter who remembers the old days and weapons with tradition, the Nosler M48 Patriot is the weapon for you. This is a bolt action rifle built by hunters and shooters for hunters and shooters. Although the gun was new in 2014, it received top honors in that year’s annual Outdoor Life weapon test, and already has a reputation for fantastic performance and reliability. Of course, that part of this reputation comes from the mothership, Nosler, but the rest is based on the capabilities and performance of the weapon.

The Best Deer Rifle: Weapons Overwiev For The Hunter In You

The fiberglass material is lightweight and has a good all weather finish made by Cerakote on all external components, so the gun will be ready to work in any weather condition. The free-floating, matched stainless steel cannon, the perfectly hand-tuned trigger and the glass and aluminum bedding make it one of the most accurate deer hunting rifles on the market. The soft recoil pad ensures that even the worst of the setbacks is being tamed, which also makes the M48 the best for beginners and hunters who enjoy a good modern and high-tech weapon.

Older hunters, with much experience in their hands, seem to prefer weapons with tradition that passed the test of time and still work in the best possible way. However, it is not a shame to want a modern weapon with all kinds of cool gadgets that allow you to customize it to your liking. Great gadgets take some of the pressure off and can even make you a better hunter (if possible). It is true that, as a hunter, you must trust all your senses, but some contraptions can be of great help in the forest.

Therefore, if you are looking for something modern, the price of the Nosler M48 Patriot starts from $ 1750. It is not cheap, we know, but this is a lifetime investment.

We hope that, regardless of the type of deer hunting rifle you prefer and the level of experience, with the information presented in this article, we will help you in the tedious and difficult process of choosing the best hunting rifle.


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