The best manufacturers of hiking backpacks

It is a rule. camping backpack, clogged with all sorts of necessary things. Of course, operation in often very difficult, and even extreme conditions. We strongly recommend you to choose your backpack for your business today.

1. Tatonka

Good in every way. It’s easy to choose the right option. It is a model of 120 to 120 liters. It is even a separate model. a special modification helps distribute the load on the hips. The brand is distinguished by the thoughtfulness of a little bit; Products in Vietnam are sewn from materials such as Cordura, Texstream and Polyoxford.

2. Osprey

The brand has been on the market since the 74th year backpacks. Specifically, tourists will be interested in the outdoor series. There are about thirteen pieces of fact. Suspended systems are variable and dependable, there are also very very roomy models. Product designs are being developed in California, but tailoring is done in Vietnam.

3. Gregory

The brand is considered legendary on the market in this segment. There were up to 27 female variations in catalogs. A number of models even have a lifetime warranty. We would call the Denali Pro 105 and the Baltoro 75 the best products of their feathers. The system is simply unique.

4. Deuter

backpacks, they are turned out to be extremely successful. The suspension system for tracking. We call you the guideline and the SpeedTrack series, while Futura, AC-lite, Zugspitze, Spectro and ACTTrail. In addition, their catalogs represent the SkiTouring series.

5. The North Face

Backpacks and pouches

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