The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Originally, survival rifles were designed and built for those who were in an exceptional situation where the main objective was simply to survive until they were rescued. Originally it was meant for pilots of downed aircraft and those who were stranded in the desert. They were compact, lightweight, and often collapsible, but they could help the stranded pilot search for food and defend himself until he gained safety or was rescued. They were the best rifles used to survive.

Thanks to television documentaries of glorified reality, there is a stereotype of extreme survivors and surviving characters who are obsessed with guns, weapons and other similar defense items. However, what you do not see is the actual process of preparing for a short-term emergency or the end of the world. In addition to the elements that are absolutely necessary to keep you and your family alive, the weapon will always be your best friend in case of general chaos.

It is also important to have the necessary training to reach your final goal, depending on whether you are planning in advance or if you are reacting to an emergency, it is expected that the first. At the simplest level, everyone should have basic training in first aid and basic training in hunting and shooting.

Long weapons: rifles vs shotguns.

When it comes to long weapons, preferences are divided between shotguns and rifles.

The shotguns are tough and are designed to be an effective general firearm. They come in single and double barrel types, which offer single or double shots. They can use a wide variety of ammunition, which is good for availability and profitability. Shotguns are often used for hunting and shooting, however, automatic loading types were designed with self-defense in mind. The popularity of shotguns comes from their ability to offer maximum power at close distances, regardless of their lack of precision.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

The rifles, however, are designed with the opposite intention in mind. They are more accurate and capable of more far-reaching shots. A rifle is named for the noise of the cannon. This noise causes the bullets to twist when moving through the barrel, so that when you leave the gun you have a large number of turns, which makes the trip more precise, such as when a soccer ball is thrown.

The shotguns have a soft barrel and, therefore, do not have the range of the rifle, which is more ideal if you want to keep the distance between you and your attacker, or do not want to scare the food getting too close. Essentially, the shotguns are made to aim, the rifles are made to aim.

The rifle also sits on the shoulder and is held with both hands or even on a stand or shelf in some cases. So it’s more stable to aim and when the shot is taken. Finally, the rifles are much lighter than the shotguns. Therefore, if you have to charge it for long periods of time, it will not weigh so much.

Choosing the best rifle.

So, how to choose the best rifle to survive?

  1. Experience – If you are a beginner or a complete beginner, you will want to start with something simpler and lighter. In general, something is recommended in a .22 caliber, as they are excellent for learning, they are profitable and many companies produce them.
  2. Use and maintenance – You want a rifle that is not too difficult to use, here, the simpler, the better. As you gain more experience, you can start to get more technique. However, it is important that you keep your rifle and, again, you are more likely to take care of an easy-to-maintain rifle than something that requires more complex processes.
  3. Request – What will you use your firearm for, what is your goal? If you only use it to hunt, the bigger your game, the greater the caliber required. If it’s about long-range defense and survival, military-style rifles and semi-automatic rifles are good. There are even some shorter options that work well for short range shots. And do not forget to consider the availability of ammunition.
  4. Cost – What can you pay and what are you willing to spend? What you really need to weigh is the high caliber you need and the other features you want to include. Do not forget the cost of the ammunition either.

However, all this will not mean much if you do not spend time training and practicing. You must be able to practice a lot to be comfortable with the use and maintenance of your rifle. If you choose something simple here, that is not a big fuss or effort for your skill, then it will be more fun and you will be inclined to continue training. The simplest weapons are usually more affordable, as well as the required ammunition, which will also be an important factor in the amount of practice possible.

Survival rifles: the best models to have in need.

While survival rifles still exist for this purpose, the modern movement of preparers and porters commonly called survivors has redefined what makes a good rifle for survival. There are still smaller, collapsible options that work well for urban defense and small game hunting, but now also include some larger and better rifles to hunt big game or defend a larger area.

If you want to know the best survival rifles, it is a good idea to listen to the advice of the survivors, since they have spent a lot of time trying different rifles and comparing different factors such as ease of use, additional characteristics, reliability, cost and availability of ammunition and pieces.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Some of the original rifles designed with survival in mind include the Survival rifle m4, that developed during World War II for the downed aircrew. It was a light 22-caliber rifle and only about fourteen inches long. In the middle of the 20th century the M4 was replaced by the M6 aircrew survival rifle for use by the United States Air Force. Remarkable about this gun was that it could be bent in half, which is important in the limited storage space on an aircraft and when it is carried.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Another popular survival rifle was the AR 5. It was exceptionally lightweight, made of aluminum and plastic, and easily stored in tight spaces. The best survival feature, however, was that all moving parts could be disassembled and stored in the inventory. Sealing like this, the gun could also float. From AR 5, the AR 7 Then it was developed, which is still used today for backpackers, hikers and other recreational users.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Currently the preferred rifle by the armed forces of the United States is the M16, It was designed by the same man behind AR 7, Eugene Stoner. First he joined the US Army during the Vietnam War and since then it has become the current standard service rifle of the US Army. It can be used at both long and short distances, up to about 15 meters.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

However, to do this, the user must really aim at the target since the line of sight is slightly above the hole. They also allow the addition of several ranges depending on the application, including the front view, the rear view and even the low-light scopes that use radioactive materials for a vision that shines in the dark.

In addition to use in the armed forces, the M16 is also available to civilians and can use more common ammunition, which makes it more cost effective to continue using it. As a general rule, rifles used by the military or of similar design are the best options for survival use. This is because they tend to be very proven, more durable, relatively accurate, reliable and use common ammunition. In this way, you will have a large amount of ammunition in an emergency situation that is extremely important when the world turns upside down in a very short period of time.

Popular rifles for survival and survival.

For all the versatility, ease of use and profitability, many survivors choose the Ruger 10/22. This is really surprising since it is like a small caliber weapon, only .22. It is a simple gun that is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to maintain.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

However, as any real survivor (and not just the gun lover) will say, as far as survival is concerned, this will lead to disaster. There is not so much power, but still you get a great range and precision. This rifle may be small in caliber, but when you really only need to survive, squirrels and rabbits will be fine for any meal. In addition, with ease of use and affordability, both in the rifle and ammunition, you can practice a lot.

The AK-47 It is one of the most used rifles in the world and easily the most recognizable in appearance and name. This rifle was designed more than 60 years ago and was designed with durability in mind. It is built with loosely adjusted moving parts, so that it has the ability to withstand much wear, breakage and abuse. This is the main reason why this rifle is seen all over the world in different environments, scenarios and conditions.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

However, with a 60-year-old design, it does not have the same precision as its modern counterparts. The weapon was built to last wars after wars but it is not very good aiming. But when he considers that he has a greater number of rounds in his magazine and a higher firing rate, this compensates for his lack of precision. In addition, the AK-47 is affordable and ammunition is widely available and cheap compared to other high-end rifles on the market.

One of the most used rifles in the world is the AR-15, wave “Black rifle“, And it is used by the army and the law of the United States. It is also probably the most popular among the survivors, at least there seems to be a general consensus that this weapon is preferred. As it is a common option among rifles, they are widely available, as are ammunition and parts.

More importantly, its popularity comes from its reliability and precision. It can also be customized, as with camouflage wraps, and easily added, for example. a front view post or a bipod base, which makes it a highly adaptable piece to satisfy a variety of needs and preferences.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Other popular mentions of weapons go to the Henry Arms AR-7 which is based on the original survival rifles designed for use in survival situations; if a military plane was shot down at enemy borders or the pilot was stranded in the desert. It is compact and lightweight, and it is foldable, so transportation is also easy.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

The Mosin Nagant It also often appears as tough and reliable. And again, what seems to matter most in the best survival rifles is the affordability of both the rifle and the ammunition. Like the AR-15, the Mosin Nagant also comes with a variety of accessories so you can modify your needs, such as butt pads, ranges and weapon stocks.

Weapons for tools, hunting and defense.

When it comes to preparing for an emergency, it all starts with “Do I have enough water?”, But finally, once you have used all the water, food, shelter and resources, it is when you really have something to defend and it is when you can consider weapons But weapons are not just to attack you and defend you, when you are living the simple life, everything must be multipurpose, and while weapons can also help you hunt food, in many cases they will also be your daily tools.

Firearms are not the only response in a survival situation and should not depend on a single defense mechanism. Any survivor knows that if plan A fails, he or she must always have a plan B and C prepared.

A good place to start your plan B is with your own body, self-defense and martial arts. These are vital skills not only to protect themselves but also to improve their health, making it more resistant.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

Knives are also a good tool to take with you when you are outdoors or in an emergency situation. They are extremely versatile, since you can use a knife for kitchen tasks, such as cutting vegetables or skinning and draining meat, and for external tasks, such as cutting the rope or cleaning vegetation. They are also good for short distance defense if it comes to that.

In a similar way, axes, picks and hammers have their use as everyday tools, but if you get caught while cutting wood, at least you have something that you can move from a distance that is hard and sharp at the other end.

Of course, an expert in survival must be able to improvise if he is caught off guard and there are simpler weapons that can be made like: slingshot, spears and even bow and arrows. The advantage here is that if you learn this trade, you can always redo anything that breaks or gets worn out. And if the end of the world comes, you will not run out of ammunition too quickly because you can retrieve some of the used arrows and create new ones. Of course, there are modern counterparts like the crossbow.

The Best Survival Rifle: How to Choose One And for When

In conclusion, We saw that the concept of survival rifle has changed over the years. Although originally it was about basic survival in exceptional circumstances, generally in the short term, today it has evolved with the survival movement. People are no longer thinking of surviving for a few days or a few weeks at a time.

They are also thinking in the long term. A small, lightweight and foldable rifle will still find its way into the repertoire of many of the survivors, but also the most versatile rifles that can be customized for specific needs or environments, as well as higher calibres for big game.

As with any tool or machine, everything is situational, it has to adapt to the user’s need and capacity, and it is better to look for reliable options that have been widely tested and revised. Sometimes, even if the newest devices on the market seem tempting, the work is best done with an older design like the AK-47. Electronic devices and fantasy rifles can break in the desert due to humidity and inadequate conditions, but an AK-47 will be with you no matter what happens.

Regardless of the rifle you choose to protect you and your family, make sure you are always prepared to face unexpected situations. In reality, that’s what survival is about: adapting to the environment in a stressful and disastrous scenario.


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