The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

Tactical knives have become part of an arsenal of outdoor activities or survival, and although often confused with a combat knife due to its robust design, its main purpose is really oriented to be a utility knife . This means that a tactic can be used as a weapon only as a last resort; otherwise, its use should only be for hunting, cutting ropes, rigging, cutting meat and fish, preparing stakes for traps and a variety of other uses.

Introduced in military service during World War II, its variety of functions and its resistant design have made the tactical knife part of the arsenal of civilians with different brands, different functions according to design, brand and portability. In general, the blade of the best tactical knives would be about 3-5 inches, with some extreme designs that have longer blades, but with less of the other functions, the shorter knives tend to have.

Telling the difference

The terms “tactical” and “struggle”, when attached to the word “knife” sometimes become interchangeable, but this is mainly due to their similarities. Some people who do not have enough information tend to call both as regular knives. Well, in a way, both tactical and combat knives can act like regular knives, but their main difference is their purpose.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

A combat knife is used primarily to fight, as its name suggests. The tactical knife is a kind of utility knife. A regular knife is something you use in the kitchen. It is quite basic, but without prior knowledge, differentiating them through the purpose can be quite difficult.

Another notable difference is the design; Most combat knives are quite simple with their design, with the short wooden / leather handle and a straight blade with one or two sharp edges. A tactical knife, on the other hand, can have a straight or curved blade. The handle is also short, but the most popular tactical knife design today are folding knives.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

Folding tactical knives have hinges where the blade meets the handle and the handle serves as a grip and blade guard. This particular feature is what makes folding tactical knives become a sales success for both civilians and military personnel.

Choosing the best tactical knife.

In extreme situations, tactical knives can mean life and death and making sure you have the best possible tactical knife increases your chances of survival. From mass-produced models to tailor-made tactical models, experts have invested two cents in choosing the best tactical knife.

Blade material

It has been said that the best material for tactical knives is Damascus steel. Now, this type of steel is widely disputed, since the method for forging this type of steel has been lost for years and the current Damascus steel that is currently produced is made through a new process that aims to duplicate the old process of forge

The current process is quite expensive and its prohibitive cost makes it inaccessible for commercial use. Knife collectors and enthusiasts usually bet on this material. There are alternatives to Damascus steel such as AUS-8, Cr17 High Carbon, Sandvik 14C28Nm among others. Some of the newer materials have also proven to be more reliable than Damascus steel of the new era.


A tactical knife has two main parts, the blade and the handle, and although most discussions about tactical knives tend to revolve around the materials used for the blade, do not forget the value of the material of the handle. The handles often show the firmness of their grip and their ability to absorb moisture and prevent slips.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The materials range from hard plastic to leather and stainless steel. Some materials last for years, while others shrink and crack with wear. Ideally, the material that will be used for the handles or handle should be one that fits well, does not slip and does not crack or break under prolonged pressure.


If it matters. The size of the tactical knife must fit your purpose. Sometimes, the greater the tasks, the longer the knife should be, but it is not always the case. The shorter knives have proved to be more effective than the longer knives in difficult situations and the longer ones are more useful for general purposes.


Design experts call it ergonomics. Call it what you want, but choosing the best tactical knife should involve how it fits with your hands. Do you feel comfortable handling it in any possible position? Are you feeling any pinch points along the grip? Any sharp corner? The handle should feel natural and the total weight of the knife should be light and agile and still be able to provide a feeling of strength that comes from it. Knowing that it can withstand extreme pressures.

Enthusiasts have argued that for the best ergonomic feel, the knife should fit comfortably in your hands, regardless of whether you are using a front grip or a reverse grip. Also, the most comfortable knife would have no grooves or contours in the handle, which would force your hand to hold it this way.


It is a general term, but this factor refers to how you can always carry your knife. Fixed knives and folding tactical knives are the main options when you think about it, but it is not always about whether the blade is collapsible or not. Some would consider a tactical knife with clips that can be mounted on the handle for a better lining, while others prefer knives that have their own covers and others without a clip or holster. It is a matter of personal choice really.


Probably the most important factor of all. When choosing the design for your tactical knife, make a note of the purpose of your knife. What tasks do you see yourself doing with the knife, do you go for a tactical weapon knife? Is your knife part of an emergency kit?

The purpose of the knife goes hand in hand with the design. Some tactical knives incorporate one or more purposes in their general design, while others retain only one purpose per knife. A typical tactical knife would have its edge and its tip. No knife should come out of the forge without either of them.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The knife can be used to hit wood, dig a hole in the ground and stab an animal or an attacker. The cutting edge should be sharp enough to cut through leather and clothing, and yet it should be long enough to function like an improvised saw. The best tactical knives usually have serrated edges to prevent them from dulling. Most of the serrated edges are visible, while some have mastered the creation of miniature grooves that are almost invisible until closer inspection.

The design of a knife is what makes it a knife. The best materials in the world can be used to make a knife, but if the design is bad, then the materials were wasted and what you have is the worst tactical knife in the world.

Comparing the best options

As discussed in the previous section, choosing the best tactical knife seems to be a matter of purpose and design. Several companies have created the best tactical knives possible with these guidelines and they are available at Tactical knife specialists have added the brand’s reputation to its list of factors to consider when purchasing a tactical knife, which has its own reason.

Renowned brands tend to be more stable and reliable than those of turbid companies. This, however, does not mean that brands other than those listed here are of low quality, it’s just that the brands here are those that have had more reviews than others.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

Dollar knives

Buck Knives, one of the oldest brands in the manufacture of knives, was a pioneer in the design of folding knives in the 1960s and has created several new and innovative products and designs.

A good example of a product for Buck Knives is the 0870 Bones tactical knife partially serrated with clip. This knife has a modified 3-inch serrated steel blade and comes with a thumb heel so you can open it with one hand. All the knife is covered with tactical coating and comes with curved handles that allow a better grip and more secure when handling it.

The locking of the frame and the thumb bolt combo make the implementation safe, fluid and reliable when necessary. Most users praise this model with one that calls it a “solid tool” that can be used to drill hard objects, scrape objects and other materials. Others have also reinforced the idea that Buck Knives are always a good buy.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Kershaw knives

Relatively a newcomer to the knife making industry, Kershaw Knives began in 1974 when the founder, Pete Kershaw, left Gerber Blades and decided to start his own company. Several innovative improvements in their knife designs have won them several industry awards.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The knife Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe It is one of its best models and comes with a strong and light handle that is made of glass filled nylon. The blade also has a modified style and, like the Buck knives, it also comes with a thumb heel for opening with just one hand.

Today’s owners and users have praised their Kershaw Brawlers for being an affordable work knife that they can use for a wide range of tasks and sit comfortably in their hands regardless of position. The relatively low price does not reduce its quality, but given the material used for its blade, it tends to dull faster than other models.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Smith and Wesson

Here is a brand that is better known for its line of firearms and other weapons than for its tactical knives. Established in the mid-1800s, Smith and Wesson gained popularity because of their pistols and revolvers that have become a standard problem among law enforcement, as well as the weapon of choice for certain Hollywood celebrities.

The rescue knife Smith and Wesson Border Guard 2 SWBG2TS It is a tactical stainless steel knife with high carbon edge and aluminum handle that measures 4.4 inches long. This model comes with a belt cutter and a glassbreaker that makes it perfect for rescuers and lifeguards.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

Users have commented that this model is perfect for law enforcement and firefighting, as well as for EMS personnel. The ability of the blades to cut through the seat belts is its finest point and, like this point, is its easy-open clip. The most dominant scam for this knife is its size and weight. It is not something for an EDC package, but it can be part of any first response kit.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

TAC Force

This brand has a fan base that grows slowly due to its affordable price and quality products. Most of their blades are made of high carbon steel or stainless steel, and most models have a glass-cutter tip and a seat belt cutter, which makes this brand excellent for first responders.

Folding knife Tac Force TF-705 series assisted opening folding knife 4.5 inches closed It is a product of the TAC Force line. This model features a 4-inch high carbon stainless steel blade that comes with serrated edges and assisted opening. This comes with the standard glass breaker and a slot to open bottles after a fatigue at work.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

Buyers have promoted the low cost of this model that also comes with great quality. Some users have complemented the blade for its solid construction and well-oiled locking mechanism, which makes it feel like a $ 100 blade instead of being much lower than that.

Some disadvantages of this model is its clip that affects the comfort of the grip while handling it, as well as the knife that has to be open so you can use the bottle opener.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

Gerber Gear

Far from his gentle namesake and baby lover, Gerber produces a series of outdoor gears that include tools and equipment for camping. The company began in the 1930s as a cutlery business that eventually extended to tactical knives and other outdoor gears.

The Gerber 31-001098 Remix Tactical It is one of its superior models and has a serrated edge and a tip both. The blade itself is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of a combination of stainless steel and G10, a hard compound made of fiberglass and epoxy. This model also has a thumb pin for easy opening and comes with a cord hole at the end.

The reviewers have praised their relatively low costs and light weight. Some have complemented their excellent grip and the central hole towards the center facilitates the transition of posture from one hand to the other, like a revolver in a western film.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

A constant negative feedback is the stiffness of the blade when opened, but it is something that wears out with constant use, like most of the knives that are out there.

If you like this product, you can find and check its price on Amazon.


SypderCo, one of the brands with a more exclusive design, has always been proud of its tradition of eccentricity and peculiarity. His radical innovations include rivets in a folding tactical pocket knife and pocket clip, allowing his blades to snap directly into his pocket.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The blade Spyderco Tenacious G-10 Combination edge black It is an excellent example of the varied designs of the companies. The stainless steel blade has a leaf shape and is serrated on one side. The design does not diminish the performance of the knife and increases its beauty. The handle, made of composite material G-10, allows a long and fatigue-free handling, and the SpyderCo 4-way pocket clip allows you to carry and draw this knife according to your preference.

People who have purchased this model are impressed by how reliable the product is, regardless of the tasks in which it is being used. Most of the reviewers were communications personnel who use this knife to disassemble cables and cut boxes. One critic in particular was amazed at how the knife mixed with the background.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.


Named after a US Special Operations unit. UU Who served in Vietnam who brought a special combat knife to the battle while it was deployed. The complete history of the company was not available previously because certain information was classified, but now it is known by many and its brand occupies a special place in any member of the law.

The blades and special tools SOG TFSAT8-CP ​​Flash II Tanto Knife It is one of its best products and it sports an AUS-8 steel blade with a strong tip that is ideal for drilling. The patented locking and release mechanism allows for a faster draw and a safer release when using this product with one hand.

The Best Tactical Knives: What to Choose And Why

The listed pros include its mechanism of fast opening with zero play. Their durability and reliability are also among the main reasons why they bought this item. The grip is one of the characteristics that more negative comments has received, since some have discovered that it does not have enough texture for your taste.

If you like this product you can find and check its price here.

Which one will suit your needs?

Buying the best tactical knife is an important decision to make, since much will depend on it given the situation. Be sure to consider the purpose first before looking for the right design, size and materials.


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