The best thermos for food with a wide throat: a review of models with photos

Today, many people are actively using thermoses for food – to keep lunch hot for many hours. Of course, many of those who want to acquire such a useful device, it is interesting how to choose the best thermos for food. We’ll tell you about some subtleties and nuances that allow you to make the right purchase.

  • How to choose a thermos for food
  • 2Raining the best thermos for food
    • 2.1Thermos for food Arctic 403
    • 2.2Thermos Soup Stinger
    • 2.3Thermos heated Aqua Work
    • 2.4Thermos Arctic 305-800
  • 3Operating and care for thermos

How to choose a thermos for food

The modern market offers dozens of models to choose from – all of them have certain advantages. What are the requirements to meet not just good – the best thermos for food, the purchase of which you will not regret?

Food thermos

  • Choose a thermos for food with a wide neck. It depends on how convenient it will be to put food into it. Most often, the diameter of the neck they have the same as the diameter of the thermos. Narrow-neck models are better suited for wearing tea, coffee and other beverages.
  • Give preference to metal or glass flasks. Plastic is not only fragile, but also does not keep heat too well – the food in them will quickly cool. Metal and glass better cope with the task.
  • Thermos soup must be equipped with a double lid. The first simply closes the neck, not allowing the contents to pour out or fall out. The second must have a thread. Because of this, if the soup is spilled, it does not stain the bag or things. In addition, the second lid can usually be used as a cup – very convenient.
  • Pay attention to the external case. Most often models from plastic or metal meet. It is better to give preference to metal. Yes, they are heavier. But the user can be sure that the thermos will not crack due to an accidental impact. Even very careful owners of plastic thermos rarely serve more than a year. But the metal will certainly serve you as long as you do not get bored.
  • Volume – this criterion is chosen for a specific person and situation. One buyer will like soup thermos 0.5 liters, while another will prefer the model 3-5 times more spacious. Calculate the appropriate volume based on your appetite, as well as the number of meals. At the same time do not forget – the larger the volume, the longer the food in the thermos will stay hot.
  • Be sure to carefully study the thermos. Unscrew the cap and smell it – if there is even the slightest unpleasant smell, it makes sense to abandon the selected model. Hardly anyone would like the fact that their food for many weeks will have a plastic flavor.
  • Separately, it is necessary to say about such a thing as a thermos for food with heating. Unfortunately, really high-quality models are quite rare in this niche. But if you want to buy a thermos for beverages with heating function, then there will be no problems. On sale you can see such thermos, working both from the network and from the computer and even the cigarette lighter in the machines. If you need a wide thermos for food, then it is better to give preference to classic models.

    As you can see, the rules are pretty simple. But if you memorize them, you will certainly be able to easily purchase such a wide thermos for food, which will last for many years and will not make you regret the unsuccessfully invested money.

    Rating best thermos for food

    Because of the large selection of models, it is often difficult to choose the right one. Therefore, we list some of the most successful options and list their main advantages – this will allow each customer to find a model that will not disappoint him.

    Thermos for food Arctic 403

    Designed and manufactured by the best Russian manufacturer. Made entirely of stainless steel – both the body and the flask. Due to this, it is able to withstand serious loads without harm for itself – from ordinary pressure to shocks. Perfectly keeps heat – in 5-7 hours the food practically does not cool down. The volume is quite large – 1.5 liters.

    Thermos for food ArcticIn addition, it is equipped with a set of three containers – you can put several dishes in them, and then put them in the thermos itself, where the first and second will remain hot. Suitable for real gourmets who are not accustomed to be content with one dish for lunch.

    Thermos Soup Stinger

    Another very successful model, similar in a number of factors to that mentioned above. The total volume of the thermos – 1.5 liters. And it is also equipped with three plastic containers. They can be folded several dishes, then put in a thermos. This model keeps the heat just fine – after 5-6 hours you can enjoy a hot soup and fresh second course.

    Thermos Soup StingerIt’s nice that the Stinger soup thermos is completed with a spoon and fork, as well as a small thermos for storing drinks – coffee or tea. With this set you just never get lost! It is able to serve for a long time even to a not too careful owner – the casing is made of high-strength metal, and the flask is made of stainless steel, which is very problematic to damage.

    Thermos Thermostat Aqua Work

    If you are looking for exactly a thermos for food with heating, then pay attention to this model. Despite the Chinese manufacturer, it deserved mostly positive feedback from users.

    Its volume is not too large – only 280 grams. Just one good portion of soup or broth.
    An interesting decision of the manufacturer – a thermos made entirely of glass. Therefore, transfer it carefully. But the transparent case will appeal to many connoisseurs of comfortable and beautiful things.
    Thermos Thermostat Aqua WorkIt’s nice that an empty thermos weighs only 610 grams – quite a bit, even a small city backpack or gym bag will not be delayed. It works from the cigarette lighter in the car, which makes it an excellent choice for people who spend a lot of time in the car, but at the same time do not want to give up tasty, proper nutrition.

    Thermos Arctic 305-800

    Another successful model from the domestic manufacturer. Will appeal to those who are looking for a wide thermos for food. His shape is unusual – more like a keg. Containers are also not, therefore, suitable for storing only one dish. But the capacity of 800 ml – enough for a company of two or three people with an excellent appetite.

    Thermos Arctic 305-800The neck is very wide – 8 cm. This allows transferring second courses in a thermos. However, if you need a thermos soup Arctic, then no one will interfere with pouring rich soup or fragrant soups into it.

    Thick walls allow this model to keep warm up to 14 hours – one of the best indicators to date. Durable stainless steel guarantees a long service life. The care becomes even simpler – you can easily wash the thermos in the dishwasher.

    Operation and care of a thermos

    In order for the acquired food thermos to serve for many years, you need to follow certain rules:

    1. Rinse thoroughly after each use – preferably immediately after a meal, rather than later, when food remains dry.
    2. In no case do not pour soda in a thermos with a steel flask – carbon dioxide can damage the metal.
    3. If you have not used the thermos for several months, then before putting food there, take warm water and leave it for several hours to get rid of residual odors.
    4. Do not pour the soup to the very edge – leave some space, because part of the cork should also fit in the flask. Otherwise, the plastic can not stand.
    5. Do not use whiteners, solvents and abrasives in the care – this will significantly increase the service life.

    Now you know not only how to choose a suitable thermos, but also how to care for it so that it will last for many years.

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