The biggest failures of the KGB. Part 1

Most of the largest world class intelligence, or even hundreds of people, arise from trivial treachery. It’s not worth it. and many largest KGB failures occurred precisely because of this.

George Agabekov

But this is not a global failure of the KGB, of the predecessor organization – the NKVD. Agabekov fought on the fields of the First World War, and on 1922 he joined the Cheka. There is rapidly moving up to the career ladder. It was abandoned in Afghanistan. And in 1929 he was transferred to Constantinople. And here everything went awry. Agabekov fled to France, where he issued more than a hundred agents operating in the Middle East. This led to a significant complication of diplomatic relations with Iran.

But the NKVD for his failures revenge, and tough. In 1937, KGB general Alexander Korotkov. The body was not found.

Vladimir Petrov

From 1951 he worked as the third secretary of the USSR Embassy in Australia. Prior to that, he worked as the Stockholm embassy. And in 1954, another suspicion of the Lavrenti Beria began. And Petrov was afraid. Therefore, I turned out to be honest. For all known residents. In total, about 600 agents were issued, including Kim Philby.

Petrov still had a wife of the embassy. And when Petrov fled, they tried to get out. However, her husband and her husband returned home It’s not a problem. This failure of the KGB Australia and the UK. So much so that the KGB has even been hatched. Did not work out.

Dmitry Polyakov

It is a war of the second degree. From 1951 to 1956 in the United States on the UN military staff committee. He was then that he had a son, who soon became ill. The treatment required money, which Polyakov did not have. He sent a request to the GRU, but he was refused. Polyakov harbored malice. And in 1961 he made contact with the FBI agents. In total, over 20 years of further work, they were issued more than 1,500 KGB agents. And no one suspected anything. Polyakov retired and remained to live in the USSR. From moving to the United States refused.

In 1987, it became aware of its activities. According to one version – thanks to the betrayal of Aldrich Ames. Polyakov was arrested and soon shot. But the damage has been enormous. Enchanting failure of the KGB, giving it to the inconsolable father.

Arkady Shevchenko

Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Security Council Affairs. Since 1975, he has been actively pursuing information. In 1978, he asked for a political asylum in the United States, leaving the United States. The son of suicide has been resigned. It was a mess. In 1996, he was declared bankrupt, and he died of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.

As Shevchenko wrote in his book – “I could never cooperate with the CIA”. But I didn’t really want to live it. Is this the failure of the KGB? Definitely yes, because if you’re a country for personal gain, it’s an unequivocal failure.

Oleg Gordievsky

Reputation and origin were impeccable NKVD officer. So Gordievsky graduated from MGIMO. From 1968, when he worked on MI-6 (British foreign intelligence). In 1982 he was transferred to London, where he worked as deputy chief resident. He served to the rank of colonel. In 1985, Aldrich Eames, a CIA officer who collaborated with the KGB, issued a Gordiyevsky and a number of double agents. They were recalled to the KGB. In absentia sentenced to death. Alive to this day, he also received two orders from Queen Elizabeth.

It was the time when Khrushchev made a statement. Gordievsky inflicted damage to the Soviet Union. Enchanting failure of the KGB.

As you can see, traitors can appear everywhere. A person may have everything, but he wants more. Or there will be an ideological conflict. Or a banal desire for revenge. This is why work with personnel is extremely important. The KGB knew this, but sometimes And because of this, people died.

The biggest failures of the KGB. Part 1

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