The biggest survivalist

Festive table laid, guests took their seats. On their positions are batteries of bottles, various dishes. And very soon, under the roar of the festive salute, the clinking of glasses and the fight of the clock, each of us makes a wish. Health to yourself and loved ones, happiness, travel somewhere.

But these are all standard desires …

What can a real survivalist wish for himself or his family (family / comrades / beloved dog)? Revision LastDay Club compiled a list of the cherished wishes of a survivalist.


Well, what a survivalist without a gun? This is not even a survivalist at all, and so … lived out. Weapons should be a lot. And good. Accurate, reliable. That it is possible to get cartridges easily, it is easy to fix (and even repair was not required at all). The body kit is also necessary quality. And specific wishes for the model are in the following list:

  • Mosin rifle sample 1891. With an optical sight.
  • AKM 7.62 * 39. Good old Kalash.
  • SVD 7.62 * 54. Without reliable DMR is also not easy …
  • Glock pistol. For close combat.
  • PKP “Pecheneg”. To solve a large number of problems.
  • Machine gun “Cord” – to protect the house.

And this is just a ma-a-scarlet excerpt from a huge arsenal!

Steel arms

Knife. If without a firearm the survivor becomes a “under-trained”, then without a knife he has nothing to do outside his house, what can we say about hiking. The knife is not just a weapon and the first tool is, one can say, a symbol of survival. Comfortable handle and quality steel, blade shape, suitable for various tasks … And you should not forget about good sheaths. What should be a good knife, read here.

And yet the knife is not the only melee weapon you could wish for next year. The ax is also very useful. It seems to be a simple tool, but it solves a lot of problems. In general, the ax is also added to the list.


Building a house in nature, preparing fuel for a fire, repairing your favorite weapon and sharpening a knife, bushcraft … All this requires tools. And here, too, quality comes first. As well as functionality and reliability. And also weight. DiResta workshop will not take a hike, which means you need to take only the necessary and versatile tools. And the first in line is the multitool. This can also include an ax and a knife. It is useful and a hacksaw. But this is for a hike. But at home …

At home, you can just equip the very workshop where you can repair, assemble, grind, cut out anything from a knife from a file and ending with a Hummer, converted from GAZ-66 (more on this below).

Since we are talking about tools, it would be nice for a survivalist to have a weapon workshop as well, where you can remake any weapon as your heart desires, not to mention repair and cleaning.

Other equipment

EDC kits, clothes, backpacks, pouches, tents, sleeping bags, first-aid kits, packs, electronic devices … All this is important and necessary. In abundance. And forever. And top quality. And for every occasion.


Of course, hiking is good. But without a vehicle is impossible. From point A to point B with one foot is the break of time. And therefore – we need a four-wheeled friend. The greater the permeability he will have – the better. The less capriciousness and need for details – the better also. At the same time, such advantages as: capacity, reliability, protection, armament, power are necessary.


“My home is my castle”.

The housing of the survivor should be such that no natural disaster, neither nuclear war, nor technological accidents, nor a zombie apocalypse can distract the host from a cup of morning coffee. Huge reserves of resources for life, complete independence from the outside world. Autonomous production and purification of water, power generation, air purification. Security, comfort. Additional advantages, such as Jack Daniels stockpiles, are welcome.

True friends and comrades

Reliable shoulder near – a very important factor in survival. When there is someone to rely on. When the faithful comrade pulls you out even from the next world. And then he did not say a word about what helped. Just because it goes without saying.

You can wish anything else. Immune to disease, radiation, zombie bites. Private tank in the garage, cruiser in the dock and fighter in the hangar. Equipment for hiking, sports, shooting (for example, a request from the arrow IPSC – timer CED7000PRO), leisure. To never chuck the cartridge, and the hits were regular. Everything is limited only by fantasy.

Revision LastDay Club just congratulates all readers. Everyone who reads us from the moment of the appearance of the Club, or went to the site only today. All, from young to old! Sons, husbands, fathers, grandfathers! And of course our beautiful ladies of all ages!

The biggest and cherished New Year desires of the survivalist

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