The bowline knot bowline

The bowline knot or bowline (English bowline – nasal rope) Non-retractable end loop. It is sometimes referred to as “king of knots” for simplicity, flaws. The name “Arbor” comes in the form of shipments. Another maritime tradition is Bulin. The bowline is the tail of the sails. The tackle is attached with a “bowling knot” or simply “bowline”.

Node name in other cultures

Palstek or Pahlstek – knot-buoy. German climbers use the term Bulin. There is also the name Schertauknoten – the mole knot and the Rettungsschlinge – the rescue loop. French: N? Uss de chaise – knot-chair (Spanish: As de guia – guiding knot) Italian: Gassa d’amante – loop of the Dutch lover: Paalsteek – pillar knot or wezel ratowniczy – rescue unit


  • first of all – to get a non-tightening loop
  • straight rope
  • for rings, eyes, eyes, etc.
  • for tying around a support (tree, pillar, etc.)
  • to tie ropes
  • used on small sailing ships
  • widely used in theater
  • It is widely used as a rescue knot.
  • used to insure or raise people


It can be untied under load. It is an interim approach to the interiors of the interceptors. Many, even printed, guides and articles on the Internet actually show how to knit a bulin.

The loop ends. Loop of a bowline! The bow of the control node. Improper use of the site. It has been established that he has received the practice of the “treacherous”.

Control node

Bulin with a knot

Bulin with control nodefrom half a fishing knot

Experimental advise to leave a bulin to tie control node. It can be untied.controlSince it’s not a load, it’s not spontaneous unleashing.

Gangway knot &# 171; bowline&# 187;

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