The casual EDC set is what we carry every day with us.

EDC (literally every day carry, literally – “we carry every day”) is what we often use in everyday life. But it can also come in handy in an emergency situation.

EDC set: home / car keys, wallet with money / documents, mobile phone, sunglasses, handkerchief. If you want, you can cut it off.

What to take – a set of EDC or NAZ?

In this vein, the concept of recruitment EDC closely related to Naz (wearable emergency reserve), and they are often confused. Nevertheless, these two concepts are quite distinct. EDC Kit – I’m worn every day Nazsurvival kit (survival kit – eng.). We take it with us, suggesting emergencies – in a hike, a suburban trip, a journey, during a flight. NAZ “is opened” and is used only in unforeseen cases.

Here is a line of hooks, a line of hooks, a compass, a signal mirror, and a blanket of the hooks. As you can see, EDC and NAZ differ greatly in composition. For survival kits, except for the military pilots. In other cases, the list of items contains the most often used according to statistics. They have such properties as compactness, durability, versatility, reliability.

However, quite often in the EDC part of the items NAZ. This is what you’ve done for the reason. Why not use a city knife? It is better to wound a wound by appropriate means. Well, shine in the dark with a smartphone … you know. And so on …

Therefore, many “conscious citizens” have been added. For example, there is a multitool kit, a flashlight, a “bank” kit and a “bank” for you.

And below we tried to create a “universal minimum” for recruitment. Every day carry, for small trips outside the city.

EDC Casual Kit Including NAZ Items

  • Backpack. It will be the remaining items.
  • Mobile phone. If necessary, ask for help. There are many other functions: calculator, GPS, photo camera, flashlight, translator.
  • Grocery set. Most often, it can be stored for a long time in the form of unfrozen. Cookies, chocolate, instant drinks, sugar, salt can go to them.
  • Money. Does not need an explanation.
  • Passport. It is useful for you if you are planning to hitchhike.
  • Knife. EDC public knife above, or a Swiss knife. It should be conveniently a compact knife, with additional features. For reference: the “Swiss knife” is an original product from Switzerland. There are a bottle opener, a bottle opener, bottle opener, bottle opener.
  • Bottle. It is useful for replenishment and storage of water.
  • Mini first aid kit. It can never be used. Bandages, cotton wool, hydrogen peroxide, harnesses, patches.

Optional items for the EDC are selected. For example:

  • Compass. The simplest and most common means of navigation, even in the city. If you have a smartphone, then you can get it from the Internet.
  • Torch. It is useful at night. Like the compass, many smartphones have this feature initially.
  • Lighter or matches. For breeding fire. These are generally indispensable things in the country.
  • Clock. To control your time.
  • Notebook and pen. May be useful to save important information.

Let’s discuss? Write in your EDC!

Ready kits

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