The choice of a folding knife for a campaign, survival kit, NAZ or emergency kit.

Although the previously mentioned multi-functional knives for use in a campaign, set or survival kit are inherently folding, they still belong more to the category of a tool than to the category of an ordinary, classic folding knife, which usually has only one blade. 

The main advantage of a folding knife is compactness. It will require less space in your set or survival kit. It will be much more convenient to place it on clothes. For example in a pocket, or on elements of equipment. In addition, it is quite likely that it is a folding knife, in contrast to a larger knife with a fixed blade, in most cases you will have with you the only cutting tool. And it will be used during some kind of unforeseen or emergency situation.

The choice of a folding knife for a campaign, survival kit, NAZ or emergency kit.
in an extreme situation, you will appreciate that your expensive folding knife handle lining made of some kind of rare wood, horn or superpolymer, and not from ordinary nylon. Or even cheap stainless steel.

The choice of a folding knife for a campaign, survival kit, NAZ or emergency kit.
knife forum. And only then make a completely informed choice. For our part, let us recommend paying attention to the budget line of folding knives of the companies: Boker, Byrd Knives, Cold Steel, CRKT, ESEE Cutlery, Gerber, Ka-Bar, Kershaw, Ontario, Skif, LLC PP Kizlyar.

When determining the size of the knife should be guided by the principle of reasonable sufficiency. According to experience, if a folding knife is planned as the main one, then the length of its blade is optimal from 90 millimeters or more. If as an additional or spare, which is quite normal, to the main awkward knife, then 90 mm or less.

The remaining parameters of the folding knife: type of lock, shape, color, coating, material of the blade and handle, and so on, are determined, as a rule, by themselves. Based on each person’s personal preferences.

Try not to buy a folding knife, which is called liked in the picture. Be sure to hold it with various grips. And if there is such an opportunity, then at least try a little in practice. After all, you have to work far from the most simple conditions. It will be a shame if after the purchase its handle is uncomfortable to you and the knife simply does not lie in your hand.

And in conclusion, a small quote:

Survival experts Morse Kochanski, Ray Mears, and Cody Lundin have long advocated learning small-knife survival skills for one important reason.. As I noted earlier, this may be your only tool.. Threatening situations can be of any kind, and the best preparation for them is to learn how to use what is with you and natural materials.

Your chances of salvation are much higher if you have well-developed skills in owning a small knife, because I will not tire of repeating this in an unexpected situation, you most likely will have a small knife. Learn to use your knife as a tool of salvation, and you will develop not only life and survival skills in nature, but also the will to win.

Dr. Terry M.Trier,
Tactical Knives Magazine, July 06

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