The choice of a nanny for a child, ways to test the skills and loyalty of a nanny.

Your child has grown up, but you do not want to give it to kindergarten or a day nursery. At the family council, you decided it was too early to leave the child alone, you work, your parents live far away, what should you do? The answer comes by choosing and hiring a nanny for your child. 

The choice of a nanny for a child, ways to test the skills and loyalty of a nanny.

And only you make the final decision on how the shaft of offers will fall on you. These will be companies, some of them with a rather dubious reputation, and private nannies, and your friends, and neighbors. But how is it possible to understand this flow of proposals, how to avoid mistakes?

. To clarify these circumstances, you can talk with your friends who recommended you, as well as with your neighbors, carefully weigh each answer, because the safety of your child is at stake. And if someone spoke out not very well at least about one of the family members or people visiting the house of your chosen nanny. Better ask her to come to you than to leave the child at her place.

You have agreed on everything, and the nanny is ready to start work, you should immediately tell her about your requirements. Explain how to use a stove and other appliances in your kitchen; how to open or close the front door; where are the things of the child; what is his daily routine. Speaking of your requirements, you can ask that a woman does not invite her friends to your house, clearly comply with the safety rules that are observed in your family and require their ward to comply with them, clearly indicate her responsibilities so that then there are no mutual claims.

Explaining how to use this or that appliance in your kitchen, you have the right to ask to use only the cutlery designated by you for cooking or during the meal. It is best if the child has a separate dish, just like the nanny herself. It will be useful if, before the nanny arrives, you decide what your child should eat today and cook yourself or ask the nanny about it, leaving her the necessary products. When leaving home, do not forget to tell how to use the locks in your apartment. Warn about their features, ask to close the door two turns of the key, even if the nanny with the child is at home. Tell us about the safety rules you use to protect your child..

Anything can happen, so leave the phones on which you can reach during the day, and be sure to show where the baby’s belongings are, so that the woman does not have to rummage through your things in search of clothes of your child. If the nanny is not feeling well, ask her not to come. And if she already came, then have a gauze bandage ready for her, this will protect your child from infection. In addition to the usual recommendations from your friends, you can ask the future nanny to bring you a certificate from the Department of Internal Affairs that she is not registered there. Your precaution will be understood correctly, because you trust this person the most precious thing that you have your child.

Finally, all the formalities are observed, the nanny is acquainted with her duties, and tomorrow she must come to your home. Do not forget to remove all valuables from the evening, because even an accidentally dropped ring can serve as an occasion for mutual reproaches, and when it is found, it is unlikely that your apology will be accepted. It is best to invite a nanny on Sunday or Saturday. Then it will be easier for her to get comfortable with you at home, and the first day she will be under your leadership, and you yourself will be able to make your impression about her.

Arriving from work, do not forget to ask the nanny how your child behaved and what they did during the day. And then ask the child the same question, listen to what he will answer you. If he expresses discontent, do not rush to dismiss him, find out the reason if the child cannot formulate, offer him a game, for example, in mother-daughter, where the nanny will be present, it is better if you give this role to the child himself, and then you can understand some of the reasons for the displeasure of your child.

Try to objectively approach the analysis of what you saw. If the displeasure is caused by fair demands to take away toys or eat porridge, you can be calm. But if the child during the game uses unusual expressions or movements, talk about it with the nanny. You must respect the self of your child. If you suddenly disbelieve in the reliability of the nanny, hurry to give her the calculation as soon as possible. Even if you paid her in advance. No money can replace your child’s safety. There may be another situation when you have older children in your family, and you decide to entrust them with the care of younger brothers and sisters.

Here you must consider the age of your older children. No matter what they are adults (14-15 years old), they still remain children and do not have the necessary experience in dealing with younger ones. Here they will need your help. Firstly, you should clearly explain to them their task. That is, what should he do with his younger brother (sister), when and how much to go for a walk and always where. What time should he put the child to bed. Secondly, your warning will be useful that during your absence friends should not come to them, but if a visit is planned, it is necessary that adults (neighbors, relatives) be present in the house.

Based on materials from the School of Survival book, or 56 ways to protect a child from crime.
O. Bogacheva, Yu. Dubyagin.

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